Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post: How to Apply False Lashes Correctly

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In the last few years, celebrity culture around the world has seen the popularity of false lashes skyrocket. There has been a huge increase in the eye makeup market in general, with many alternatives to false lashes, such as volume enhancing mascara, becoming popular, too.

For many, false eyelashes are where it’s at when it comes to having a unique sense of personal style. One only has to visit a local shopping centre to see the number of stalls offering to apply false lashes to understand the surge in popularity.

Effects of False Lashes

Why are false lashes proving so popular among women of all ages?

· Add instant glamour to eyes

· Effect of widening small eyes

· Rejuvenate tired eyes, making them look younger and refreshed

There are several great brands that offer high quality lashes in various styles. We aren’t going to sit here and tell you all about the best brand for you; only you will know that.

Instead, check out our guide for applying lashes correctly.

False Lash Application

First of all, check the lash against your natural eyelash length. Why do this? Well, you do want to extend your natural lash length, however if the false lashes are too long then it isn’t going to work. Trim the lashes if you need to.

Now apply the adhesive to the false lashes – either in a continuous line or sporadically along the base. Remember you need to remove these later so do not go crazy and use too much! Some brands offer ready-glued lashes so you do not have to do this bit yourself. Ensure you wait 20 or so seconds for the adhesive to become sticky before applying the lash.

Use a set of tweezers to hold the lash, and push into place, from the inside of your eye and working your way to the outside. Remember to “pinch and push” with the tweezers all the way across both eyes, this technique will leave your lashes looking sexy and sultry.

Additional Help

If you want to enhance your look further then you can add a subtly coloured mascara, although this is sometimes best avoided as you should only apply this to your natural lashes. Instead, use eyeliner and eye shadow for the best effect and to avoid going anywhere near your false lashes!

Often the effect of false lashes is so great that you never need anything else anyway.


To remove false lashes, I would recommend not just pulling them off, as many do. Instead, use warm water and cotton wool to gently brush across your eyelashes, which should allow them to be removed gently and without any unnecessary pain.

Blog Author's VaidaG's note:
I recommend you to take a look at a video to get a visual look of how to make yourself gorgeous using falsies ;)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If I were a Boy...

Men and women are different, that is no surprise. We had evolved from different planets. We have different understanding and perception, different range of emotions and different qualities.

Sometimes these differences are way out of hand.
Yet we find an itching need to get ourselves coupled up with a creature from another planet and to find a way to work and enjoy being in a relationship.

From the very first time I heard Beyonce's ''If I were a boy'' I was in awe. So many women out there is feeling the same way. What if roles were reversed? Could us GIRLS get away with it?

The lyrics of "If I Were a Boy" are about a gender-swap dream. How things would be different if men had women's sense of empathy? It depicts common little things that men do to hurt their significant others, that mean alot in the relationships e.g. not answering their phones.

In the video beggingin her husband is very supportive. He makes her breakfast, excited about it, though the girls kinda don't have time to eat it, he spends time at work looking for the perfect present to brighten her day and forgoes hanging out with his attractive coworkers so he can be available when his wife gets off her shift. However, this chicka is not thinking about him at all. Instead, she is spending her off-hours with her fellow officers, particularly her male partner, who she seems enamored with. Her husband tries calling, but she ignores the phone. And later, when her husband gives her a present - earrings she puts them on to go dancing with her partner at a party. Her husband gets upset when he sees them, and when he confronts her about this at home, she acts like he is making a big deal out of nothing.  
 "When you act like that, I don't think you realize how it makes me look... or feel,"
he tells her. The girl then asks him in a condescending tone,  
"Why are you so jealous? It's not like I'm sleeping with the guy..." 
 Then the story reverses, and Knowles starts to cry. The situation that she put her husband in, it turns out, is the situation she is in - he is the police officer, and she is the supportive wife who is taken for granted.

The paradox is that when we first see it from the girls perspective, her behavior seems abnormal. And when it's the guy doing everything she just did in the previous scenes, it becomes all too familiar. 
And this is the point in the song.

I am not trying to be a sexist here, girls do bullshit too! We can also be mean as hell (I know, I have...). But I think that lots of females can relate to the song. And the video can feel like a mirror to their own lifes. R-Kelly did a mash with this song with his own lyrics, answering Beyonce's and it is also true! I don't understand women who keep their men on the tight leash, snoop around, read their text messages etc... That only means you don't feel confident and don't trust your partner's loyalty.

The only cocnlusion I can make is the one I already mentioned maybe a dozen times in this post: men are different than women and we can't expect them to be like we want them to be. I am sure we also often irritate and dissapoint them. We can be needy, we talk too much, we wear too much make up, we don't give them space and so on...
But this is not post about them. It's about girls, who sometimes try to hard and too blind trying to please their men. Stop doing it, when you see he is acting like an asshole. Admit it. Don't lie to yourself. Take care of yourself first. I know, it is easy to say, cause it is litterally in our genes to be caring and empathic, but we gotta remember that we build our own luck. No men can complete you if he doesn't want you to complete him.

Love them and take care of them, while staying wide-awake :)


p.s. don't ever become an asshole, R <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do I need to plan some more?

It's been a little over two months since I moved in with R. (Formerly known as The Lawyer Guy)

I never considered moving in with someone when being just a 20 y.o. This again proves that life has a way of working things out itself, and things you plan not always go to reality.

What I had planed for me in the past?
  • I, like every other girl had fantasies of what my The One will be like. But I never had a clear image. Mainly, when I was a little girl, somehow I thought that the MOST important thing for a woman is to find a man that would love her and then nothing else mattered. If someone loves me - I am fine with that and I will ''love'' you back and we are going to live happily ever after. Boy, do that notion changed throughout the years. I started to get attention from guys, then I realised that I can choose. Later I started to feel stuff for guys. Then I realised that I need feelings for special someone. I had crushes, I had one serious boyfriend that at the time I was head over heels for (or so I thought), I had guys adore me and ''love me'', when I ran for the hills. I even had to move the hell out of one apartament to change my adress cause someone got a little bit too creepy over me. And throughout all that I realised, that my Special Someone should really be pretty darn Special. I wasn't the one to get easily. Nothing really moved me, I was cold-ish and cynical no matter what. I thought that it is permanent. I even enjoyed playing little mind games to see how far would someone go for me. Then I met my current Special Someone - R. We had LOTS of ups and downs and we've been through all sorts of stuff together and now we are where we are and I couldn't be happier. He ewokes feelings in me. He actually did it from the very first time we've met. I believe my eyes were shimmering when we first talked, I had an amazing feeling about this guy and it was new and interesting. I instantly craved him to be mine. He is the first guy I said I loved, and I hope he will be the last man to hear these words from my lips. R embodies everything I wanted when I was little. And I wanted basics - caring for me, loving me, fun to be around, inspiring, challenging and understanding. I can put a checkmark in my ''to do'' list of my big plans. Cause I am in love with someone special, we plan our future together and even though I am just 20 years old, I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else. We'll se how this will turn out ;)

  • When I was just a little girl, reading books since the age of 5, having incredibly rich imagination and vocabulary of a 10 year old kid, always stunning grown ups with my cuteness and intellect, I imagined how my life would turn out when I will grow up. I imagined me being beautiful young woman, someone who's fun to be around with (I was always the ''clown'' in my group of friends and I always thought it is a trait that will stick with me, i loved and love making other people laugh). I remember pulling out a box of women magazines with my bestie(who is still one of my bestest friends, and I am proud of keeping that friendship up till now) and looking at pictures of girls smiling at us from the worn out pages and giggling together ''I'm her! And you are this girl! It looks like we have fun there don't we?'' We both back then knew, that being beautiful is just easier in life. We started to use this practice in middle school. We quickly sorted out that the girls who doens't look after their appearance and wears old sweaters with giant cats on it are left out and sitting in the front rows of the class, which was allways known as the ''sucker rows'', while we were sitting in the back giggling with boys, who also quickly sorted out cute girls from the other and started to practice their art of pick up on us. So anyway I believe that we both turned out to be a couple of beautiful young women. I mean, it is not that hard to be pretty in this day and age, right? You just need to look after yourself. So, anyway, we either managed to grow up this way, or just realized how to use a help from the outside - make up, fitted clothes and... push up bra's hahaha. But nonetheless, being pretty wasn't my only plan for the future.
  •  When I was little I loved my parents like no other kid. I was rather sensitive little girl, I always worried how my mother and my father will get home late after work, I worried when my mother would complain to my father that she has a headache or heartburn... Long story short I was neurotic kid hahaha. Worrying about stuff I shouldn't have, just because my parents were my whole world. And I thought that it is going to last forever. Well what can I say about that now? Those who are heartless once cared too much. I don't know how long my fall out with my parents will last, I don't like that we don't communicate anymore, but I also always say that world ''related'' or ''blood ties'' means nothing to me. I will leave reasons for this row for myself, but anyone who knows my situation or imagines themselves in my shoes agrees with me, that I have a right to be a little angry with my parents and some people even praise me for being this strong and stubborn for my own good. I cried a lot of tears and they cost me lots of nerves and in a way messed my current situation. When I was a little girl I never thought I would go for weeks without talking to my mother.
Basically now in my yet tiny life i know, that you can plan stuff, but how life will work out is a mystery. And it is not always bad. Far from it! Most of the times bad stuff happens so that better can fall in your lap. I am fascinated by the way life works and I can't wait to see what else is planned for me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Outfit Du Jour Collection

It's hard to blog about beauty-related stuff when you are on a tight budget.
When I was living with my parents, I worked part-time, I did make-up, I had some income sources, and I could spend all my money on make up and clothes. Well, now, roughly a year later, I pay my own rent, buy my own food and try to make ends meet. I love beauty world. I thrive, when I get to review new product or smell the magical whiff of a new piece of clothing in my closet, but it's been a while, since I could go to the store and pick out a whole new outfit just for the sake of it, or buy every shade of shadow I wanted.
I am not complaining, I am just saying that i miss it alot. :)

I know, it's temporary, things seem to be looking up.
And meanwhile, I browse fashion blogs, stalk fashion houses collections, and fashion weeks all over the world.
I still can feel my blood BOILING, my heart starting to beat faster and ideas and inspirations just overwhelming me :)

So here's some Polyvore made sets of casual outfits to express my anxiety for new clothes hahaha... and hopefully to inspire some of you!

Most of the clothes are high-end brands. But there's always alternatives on popular clothing stores.
That's all folks!
For now... :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Succesful relationship?

(I am going further and further from beeing a ''Beauty Blog'' aren't I...?)

In the past couple of months SO MANY of my friend couples have broken up it's not even funny. People who I have known since middle-school and that been dating since, people whose relationships looked like inspiring piece of art, people who I looked up to and people who have been through so much together and still went side by side. And now I keep finding myself constantly consoling my friends with ''There are lots of other fish in the sea'' talk, while in fact, I myself grieve over on & off relationship yet another ending.

I have a couple of friends, which I usually call Phenomenon. He is artistic, master of sarcasm, precise and high maintanence, and she is a total opposite of him. Wannabe businesswoman, hotheaded and spontaneous mess. Well, it is quite difficult to describe, but I can sum up to say that sometimes I wonder how she stands his constant mutter and how he reconciled with her ​​knowledge of everything.  
And the answer may come one - love. 

And it's really nice to me, that they sometimes playfully fight, and mock each other, and sometimes they can't keep their hands off one another. I was only amazed why they do not attend parties together? 
Yesterday our group of friends got together to have funAlcohol, sauna, euphoria... Suddenly, perhaps of joy, perhaps from the aforementioned mixture of things He loses his head and starts to fool around like crazy - dance, shout  and so on. I sit, I  watch and laugh - people have different ways to relax. And all that was while She triple-checked if He still has his wallet, haven't lost his phone and if He really remembers his name. Finally, they amicably decided to go home. 
And almost going out the door She said to me: ''You know, maybe that is why I don't go to parties with him. I don't see - I sleep well. When he goes out - I know that he'll return. But when you have a chance to watch the  tomfoolery, I get an irresistible desire to protect, nurture, care for, which will eventually grow into ''Honey, it's time to go home...'' And I don't want to act like another mother for him. He can be fine perfectly fine without the nurturing.''
The one key to succesful relationship is To Trust And Let Go. And wait for the return. You can't keep your siginificant other smothered. Eventually it will backfire. It's in human nature to want what you can't have. If it's freedom - one may be tempted to flee. That is why I admire these friends, because they know how to let one another go.

Sadly this is one of few strong and going couples that are left in my circle. Almost all others crumbled and now are going through difficult process of choosing which friends to keep (issue that affects us - friends of couples - personally. It's like custody battle. And we are the children.), how to move on, how to start dating again, how to present the news to parents, how to make peace with  relatives constantly asking ''where is *insert Ex name here*? What? You broke up? oh...WHY??'', and  finding out that your body is a hydration machine - even if you cry for an hour straight, you will still have tears left... and so on...

In same group of buddies we found ourselves talking about relationships and how it all goes down the drain, mostly because people are unwilling to work out the issues and run for the hills after something starts to shake. Look at effin Hollywood - K.Perry&R.Brand, V.Paradis&J.Depp, J.P.Smith&W.Smith, J.Lo&M.Anthony...
It seems that times got so easy, that relationships people are expecting to have should be easy too, WHILE in fact it's probobly the most complicated thing there could be. My one of besties, who had never had passed third date with any guy, once asked me, why my relationship seemed so difficult?  According to her relationships are easy. Of course, I considered the source, and kept my mouth shut. But it's obviuos, that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Seriuos relationship is compromises, consistency and again - work. But it's often all worth it in the end. We are talking about two entirely different people -a man and a woman, with different character traits trying to become a unit.
My one amazing friend yesterday said: ''I can guess  that succesful relationship is a combination of recognizing the person that’s right for you, grabbing hold when the chance presents itself, having a good portion of luck, and constant, open communication so that both could evolve together. And I believe that the best part of rich and diverse experiences is having someone with whom to share it.” 

And I agree.

VaidaG ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Like Frankie said... I did it My Way.

If I was to make only one resolution this year it would be BE FEARLESS.
Live boldly.

You CAN control this moment. Rather than cautiosly testing the waters, dive straight into life with freeing abandon. Imagine the person you wanna be and the life you want to live then simply commit to them. Believe in yourself. And whatever you do, wherever you go - don't be affraid to make a splash!

I recently had a great converstation with a smart friend. He made a remark towards me, that I live in this moment. Which isn't neccesarilly bad, but what screws up my life sometimes is that I do not have a plan.
And it is true. I have goals and dreams, but in simple mundane things i usually just go with the flow.
If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? NOT MUCH :)

Accept no one's definition of your life. Define yourself. Stop waitting for things to happen, go out there and MAKE things happen. Make your mark on the world. Don't worry everything is going to be amazing. Live right now, just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's not good enought for somebody else. The most beautiful people are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of depths. These crearures have an appreciation,  a sensitivity and an understanding of life, that fills them with compassion. gentleness, and a deep loving concern.
Beautiful people do not just happen.

If you don't go after what you want - you will never have it. If you don't ask the answer is always no and if you don't step forward you'll always be in the same place. Do what you feel in heart is right. You know, you'll be criticized anyway. Right? In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were affraid to have and the decisions we took too long to make. Sometimes you just have to take the leap... and build your wings on your way down. Be fearless. It's impossible to live without failing at something. Unless you live so cautiosly, that you might as well not lived at all. In which case - you fail by default. Tried? Failed? Doesn't matter!Try again. Fail again. Fail better. It doesn't matter how slow you go, As long as you don't stop it's all that matters.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that. They are just affraid that you can succeed, while they stagnate in the same spot and are jealous of your potential. But the really great ones make you feel like you too can become great.
Life is too short to spend time with people who suck happines out of you.

I have a horrible character compered to what would some call ''good'' but i often succeed. Why? Because I am willing to do things that most won't. I fight against the odds. I sacrifice. I am not shackeld by fear (unless it has to do anything with lightning storms or elevators) insecurities or doubts. I feel those emotions, but drink them in and swalow them to hell. I am motivated by accomplishment NOT PRIDE! Pride consumes the weak and kills heart from within. If I fall - I will get up. If I am beaten - I will return. I will NEVER stop getting better. I will never give up. I f you want to achieve greatness - stop asking for permission. Make your anger so expensive, so that no one could afford it, and make your happines so cheap, that people can get it for free. Someday someone might make a movie about your life! Make sure it doesn't go straight to video ;)

I made mistakes in my life. I've let people take advantage of me, I  accepted way less than I deserve. But eventually I learned from my bad choices and even though there are some things that I can never get back and people who will never be sorry, I'll know better next time, and won't settle for anything less than I deserve.

I am NOT saying to be mean to everyone and climb heads to succeed. It is important to be nice to right people and do not deal with ''haters'' at all. Give people more than they expect, and do it cheerfully, be forgiving for yourself and for others, be generous, loyal, have a grateful heart, and treat everyone the way you expect to be treated. Take good care of those you love.

So keep your head high, your chin up, and smile! Because life IS a beautiful thing and there is so much to be happy about ;)

p.s. Go home once in a while. To recharge... :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goddesses and Doormats

Today I heard Pablo Picasso’s quote about women: There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats. And it got me thinking…  Picasso’s words should become any girls mantra and inspiration. I hope you’ll read on.

1.  Confident and self-assured. As far as I see it, confidence is derived from knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.  It comes from believing in yourself and in your capabilities.  It is NOT arrogance.  No way.  In fact, truly confident people are humble and gracious.  They don’t need to flaunt themselves for other’s approval and attention.  They listen more than they talk and they enjoy giving compliments more than receiving them.  How you dress, carry yourself, and converse all demonstrate your level of confidence.
2.  Strong and independent.  She doesn’t let life live her, but instead she lives her own life.  She has goals, dreams, and aspirations separate from her love life. In fact, she would never entertain the thought of giving herself up just to be with a man. Catching and keeping him isn’t the end all be all of her existence and she won’t melt into a guy, trying to be who and what she thinks he wants.  It is perfectly wonderful to want, and even need, a man.  But to compliment you, not to complete you.
3.  Emotionally stable.  I recently read a fascinating article. It stated that most men have a deep need to be loved by a woman who is emotionally tough and dependable. When I think of a goddess, I think of a woman who is in control of her emotions. She doesn’t fall apart, break down, or throw fits if things don’t go her way. She doesn’t become a wreck over the little things and her world doesn’t revolve around never-ending drama. A goddess would never expect a man to act as her therapist (ever!) After all, that’s what girlfriends are for, right?
4.  She is optimistic.  A goddess has a sense of humor.  She can joke around, see the good in nearly every circumstance, and enjoys life.  She is not bitter and does not allow resentment to take a hold of her.  She is fun and has the ability to laugh with others and at herself.  A goddess is happy with her life and with her place in the world.  As a result, others are drawn to her and her energy is contagious.
5.  Takes care of her appearance.  A goddess knows that when she looks good, she feels good.  Her health and well-being are important to her.  She is well groomed and dresses appropriately for the situation, without trying too hard to be noticed.  As Coco Chanel said, ''Dress shabbily and they remember the dress.  Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.''  It’s important not to go to extremes, however.  A woman’s attractiveness is not determined by her daily caloric intake or by sporting a four figure handbag.  Although high heels and mascara are not foreign concepts to her, a real goddess knows that true beauty starts within.
6.  Won’t chase a man.  Can you imagine a goddess throwing herself at a man or working overtime to impress him?  I CAN'T! But how often do we women act like this?  We’ll initiate all contact.  We’ll ''accidentally'' run into him.  Heck, we’ll even deny the break ups and try to get back together with the ones who dumped us!  We might as well jump up and down while holding a sign that says ''Pick Me!!''  A goddess wouldn’t do this...  Instead, she lets men come to her and show her their level of interest.  She allows a man to pursue, to court, to woo, thereby encouraging him to step up and be a man.
7.  Does not accept disrespect.  Boundaries are a good thing.  There is nothing wrong with knowing how you want and deserve to be treated.  A goddess doesn’t allow a man to throw her scraps and then try to convince her it’s an entrĂ©e.  When she is treated in an unacceptable manner, she has the strength to stand up for herself, even if it means walking away. After someone ''got'' you, they shouldn't stop respecting you. No matter how much time and effort was payed before.
8.  Not easily attained.  A goddess knows her worth.  She doesn’t give off the ''I’m desperate for a man!  Any man will do!'' vibe.  Instead, she occupies herself with the business of her.  She walks with pride through her own life and carefully analyzes those men who catch up to her.  She is the picker.  She is the chooser.  And she strives to choose wisely.  As a result, the man who wins her heart also believes he has won an incredible woman.  To paraphrase the famous dating quote:  PLAYING hard to get is ridiculous.  BEING hard to get is marvelous.
9.  Feminine.  It is entirely possible to be a CEO, a professional athlete, or have an A-cup and still be undeniably feminine.  Femininity doesn’t mean acting like a little girl, a weakling, or an airhead.  Not even close.  Nor do you have to forgo jeans and baseball caps or the ability to hang with the guys.  Being feminine is about embracing yourself as a woman.  It’s about being charming and gracious.  It’s about radiating warmth and openness.  The vast majority of men are instinctively drawn to ''femininity''. At the end of the day, they want a woman who is a lady.
10.  Prizes her sexuality.  A goddess is neither prudish nor promiscuous.  Although she enjoys sex and physical intimacy, she realizes that it is a valuable gift and doesn’t allow herself to be used or treated carelessly.  She won’t dress overly provocatively or flaunt her “sex-ploits” on a date.  She waits before consummating relationships and is trustworthy in matters of fidelity.  The goddess views sex as ''special'' and she encourages her man to treat her like a ''special'' woman.
Obviously, Picasso’s one sentence quote inspired me.  It is not only the motivation behind much of my writing, but it has also got me to think that you can lose the status of a goddess even if you were and acted like one, you have to keep reminding these things to yourself.
 If I can understand that - so can you, my dear Goddess.