Monday, October 11, 2010

Off topic - relationships! I am sure i am not the only one!?

I have huge fear - i am affraid to appear too clingy. I am not affraid to show my affection to someone, but i don't ever want to be the one, who takes the first step. The first step not necceserily means going to a guy i like and expressing this to him, but i hate being the one, who texts or e-mails first. God forbid be the one who asks a GUY out. I could know, that this particular guy REALLY likes me, and i won't be turned down, i still hate taking the first step. Do you have the same feeling? Like, i want to talk to someone, but i have this ugly feeling in my stomach, that maybe he is busy and i'll be bothering him and he won't, say, text back and then i feel that i lost my... quality? my secrecy.. i don't even know how to put it, but i am sure you all understand it. This especialy is a big problem in the beggining of love affairs. How do i let a guy know that i like him? (This is rethorical question)

So let's call my complex A Princess complex, because i feel the need to be conquered by a guy, and then i can be all his. So, this Princess complex is actually keeping me restrained from guys i like. Which is bad. The guys i manage to make a first sparkle-ey contact with often just stops making an effort to conquer me, because i just don't seem interested. When in fact i am building an imaginary wedding scenario in my head.

My girlfriends keep telling me, that this is XXI century, and there are no need to live in the tower and wait for Prince Charming to come up, you have to make things happen yourself these days, cause guys are not good at picking signals, or just waiting for a girl, who just doesn't seem interested.... I guess they are right.

ALL of my ex boyfriends had complained to me that i was lacking affection towrds them. No i wasn't. I just wasn't showing it. I guess it is a way of protecting myself, that in case i would get dumped, i could leave the relationship with my head held high and say ''That's ok. I didn't like you that much anyway.'' That would be hard to do, if i were all ''Hey there, my hunny little pumpkin bunny, i missed you so much i stared at your picture for 4hours!!!'' Yeah.... But guys said that they actualy like to hear silly stuff like this, that shows them that they are being cared of.

I believe that distancing myself from my love affairs had to do something with and watching my friends, who got their heart stomped on and crushed and broken by guys that were truly not so much into them, but my friends believed they were and it got them into bad places. I need to make sure that a guy really  likes me, and not just wants to hook up with me.

ANOTHER thing is watching movies, like How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days or He's Just Not That Into You and seeing mistakes that girls make and appears clingy to guys, just barely by showing their interest and care.

And all guys are hunters. They need to hunt their prey, and i am fine of being the prey. My motto in a relationships is - If a guy wants to meet you again - HE will make it happen. Go ahead - chase me!

Why am i feeling i need to get this off my chest? Because i think that it is time to change my beliefs, and become a little more.. affectionate and warm in showing my feelings... I met a guy recently, and i kinda would like to see how it would work out, but again - i hate being the first that shows interest.. Well that's actually badly put.. We are in a 3nd date stage and we allready kissed *coughs*made out*coughs*, but he is rather restrained towards me, that bugs me. So my friend told me that i need to show him that i really like him, cause i may have said something that could've made him believe that i am not interested in getting to know him better.

Anywayyys.. Am i the only one acting this weird...??

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Going back to basics with haircare

  My hair care is the most problematic part of my beauty care regime. I don't have time to put some mask on them, or sometimes even to treat them with a conditioner (guilty). So i perfected the art of shampooing my hair, then blowdrying them and getting out the door in like 10 minutes In addition to get extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning. So it's obvious that my hair didn't like that tough love routine so much and started to become all fuzzy, and frizzy.. i had a whole lot of split ends.. long story short - it got ugly...

So here i am, sitting in my hairdresser's chair, waiting for her trembling in fear because i know that when she'll see me, she will chop them off... and she did....
My beautif... well, not so much anymore... but looong hair turned just average mid-length locks.... I convinced myself that it is good for them, and.. me... and moved on... I was the one that told her to keep my hair looking healthy no matter what afterall...

My new task/goal was to grew out my hair as healthy as i possibly can. Either that, or getting bald before i'm 30... So, what did i do?
  • I did a post a while ago, when i was taking a good care of my hair, there's alot of tips about haircare and growing out healthy hair. What else? Well, if you wash your hair every single morning, use a proper shampoo! Basics! Simple, plain, natural.... And read the label, it should say that the shampoo is suitable for everyday use. Yeah, sure, brands like L'oreal etc has good shampoos, but they are filled with chemicals, which, when using everyday on your hair, can do some damage... So i went out to cute little boutique which sells natural beauty products and bought simple shampoo with camomiles for like two euros. I love it! It is not fancy, but smells like honey and is gentle on my damaged hair.  I remember sometimes going to my friends bathrooms and seeing these kind of cheap shampoos and thinking ''whoa, why can't she buy normal and good shampoo?? i saw that one in my grandmother's bathroom.... girl, what are you thinking?'' Well, i was wrong. I now actually prefer those silly eggnog shampoos to John Frieda :P
  • My hair tends to become greasy very fast, so up till now i was reluctant to use any kind of oils, or greasy serums on them. But then i started to think, why not? I wash my hair everyday anyway, so they probobly won't make them any greasier. There are lots of so called ''fluids'' or serums for hair now... Some girls put simple olive or argon oil as a mask on their hair. My hairdresser adviced me to buy mango(as in fruit) oil. She told me, she had a client which had curly, tingley, dry hair (you get the picture). It was so bad, that at first she couldn't even get the scissors to cut it lol. But after a few weeks of this oil therapy her hair were gorgeous, shiny and healthy looking. I am not sure where you can find it where you live, but they tend to have all sorts of fruit or fruit seed oils in specified beauty salon supplies/pro stores, That's where i bought mine. It smells AH-MAZING and you can put in on your body as well. So again - basics. Simple. I am sure, i could've bought some fancy expensive fluid for hair, but i spent again couple of euros and i cannot be any happier with results! :)
So do you find that sometimes going back to simple things is such a refreshing and surprisingly awesome thing? Do you have any tips you'd like to share? Don't hesitate - let's discuss it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Petite Means SHORT, Not Skinny!

Ok, I’m sorry for yelling that title at you, but it’s super duper important.Unless you’re a fashion maven (and possibly, even if you are), you probably think "skinny" when you see the petite section. This is such a common misconception, I just have to set it right. Let’s start by saying Vaida is just shy of 5’3. Not that anyone I know realizes this, as I’m always wearing 4-inch heels. Nevertheless, I’m short - which makes me petite.Yes, that means I should be wearing clothes with a little P marked on the tag.And no, I’m not very skinny – I’m built like a female, not a prepubescent boy/runway model. If I weren’t, however, it wouldn’t matter. Petite sized clothing covers the whole spectrum of body sizes. Remember, it’s about height, not girth!That said, let me explain something else which is very, very important.

It’s possible to petite both above and below the waist – but it’s also to possible to be petite in only one area.This is sooooo important!! Even though I’m only 5.299999999’, my legs are still average length. And even if they weren’t, I still wear high heels, and a 29” inseam would look silly on me. That said, if I’m wearing flats, a 32” inseam makes me look like I’m playing dress-up. So realize that petite women may still very well want regular length jeans. 

Also, keep in mind, petite isn’t just length.For jeans it also affects the rise – the part that goes from crotch to navel. What might be super-low-rise on some women could be all the way to petite girl’s navel. I totally have this problem. Which means I purposely buy super-low rise.

It also affects the knee - if you're 5'2, the knee should not at the same place you'd see it on a 5'11 model!

Many women are petite just in the torso!How can you tell? Put a shirt on and see where the shoulder seams line up. If you’re petite and wearing a regular shirt, the shoulder seams will probably be too wide for your build. The main problem this creates is constantly having to shove your sleeves back up, because the armpit is always sliding down toward your wrists.

That should not be happening, the armpit and shoulders should line up and shouldn’t move – if they don’t, you are either wearing clothing way too big for you, or, you’re petite!

Ok, fine, I'm petite – but can I find clothes I like in this size?

Take heart, clothing manufacturers are finally starting to admit that most of the women are actually 5’4 (you didn’t really think most women were built like Giselle, did you?) and does not fit into 34” pants or regular tops made for 6’2 women. Which means you now have options you didn’t have in the past.

So what are these options?The Gap has petites for both tops and bottoms. Victoria’s Secret does as well. So do Banana Republic, Liz Clairborne, J. Crew, J. Jill, Chadwicks and Ann Taylor. There are plenty of others, all you have to do is Google it.

I’ll be honest here and say I don’t go out of my way to buy petite clothing, but that’s only because I like the way the super-low-rise fits my waist, so I don’t feel I need to. If low rise weren’t available, however, I certainly would. I do pay careful attention to inches when buying a skirt, however – they are often much longer on me due to my being petite in the torso.

Note: If you’re petite in the torso and have large breasts, you should try all tops on, regardless, because sometimes the regular sizes are just better suited in the chest.

Extra Tip: If you’re petite in the legs and buying boots online, always be conscious of the boot shaft (length).
Measure yourself from knee to instep to be sure the boots will sit where you want them to.

Right, there you are. If you're one of the millions who hates having to "put up with" clothing sizes that dont' make the most of your figure, it's time to try petite! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is Makeup Always your Friend? Celebrity makeup mishaps!

I feel like i've been through all the craziest stages of self image confidence, and now i feel confident about myself they way i am. Well at least way more confident then i used to be. Thanks to the TAG i did before, i got to see my old photos and do some thinking. I browsed of my teen days pictures and couldn't believe how much makeup i was wearing. And the worst part is that i thought i looked awesome and cool and hot. Well i didn't. I looked stupid. And i was just 15-16 y.o...
I guess what i'm trying to say is that we are ALL BEAUTIFUL for the love of god! And makeup was created to enhance our unique features. Not to hide them. 
Me and some fellow beauty bloggers have a natural beauty project comming up soon to try and encourage all the ladies out there to change our view of the makeup. So as an opener for things to come i found some celebrity pictures on the internet that kinda sums up what i just rambled on. :)

Lily Alen withh her frozen eyes.. Imagine her without that panda look... Would've been better i guess... 
I love Britney Spears, but she is often horrible when it comes to makeup(either her or her makeup artists). She is really gorgeous woman(throw a rock at me!) she really don't need to hide that under old hookers makeup... 
Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl is one of my "how-to" role models. She is young and really beutiful, why the 80's makeup??
Looks like N. Kidman was snorting coke and then passed out head first on the table LOL. I guess the flashes of cameras brought out unblended powder or concealer. 
I actually don't know what to say about her... She allways are overly unnatural and i guess her face is scary when she wipes all the makeup off....
Too much bronzer... Way too much... :(

Yeah... Well....
Now let's compare when do famous ladies look better - with or without insane amount of makeup?

Now, while i understand that makeup is art and girls above are on the spotlight and red carpets requires certain looks and needs to grab the attention, i just want to say, that us, girls who loves to stare at magazines, watch E! and be all jealous of their beauty needs to know and understand that we are all beautiful, unique and don't need to try to cake ourselves under a ton of powders, concealers and eyeshadows on a regular day.

I rest my case :)

What do you think of makeup crazed generation that we belong in?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

8th folder 8th picture & 12 questions TAG!!!

One of my most amazing fellow blogger friends - Irene from Lovely Violet tagged me to do this fun questionairre and find the 8th picture of the 8th folder of my photos folder! This is so much fun! So let's start.
I actullay don't keep ANY photos on my PC anymore, after having a few accidents, so i keep everything in CD's. So i found the 8th CD and 8th picture from it LOL. I wasn't happy that i had to put up picture from my most .. erm... teenage days...
Here i am circa 16 y.o. and at this time i was so full of myself and very mean girl to my peers. I didn't bully anyone or anything i was just... up in the sky and looking down on everyone. I see girls now like me then and i just roll my eyes and remeber how i was at this age. I mean look at my posture and amount of makeup lol. Yeah....Me and my BFF used to do "photoshoots" like this almost every week, so practically all my CD's are full of photos like this lol.
I am VERY happy that i understood how lame being mean was and grew out of it, and i can proudly say that i am a totally different person now! :)

So anyway, as this was the pic i was reluctant to put up, cause i was ashamed, i was considering to put up another one, from my another "drawing" of cd's and i picked the one with my "make up" tryings on my friends. Cause this was actually supposed to be a make up blog, but due of my lack of time i put like one post a month lol, so anyway the 8th picture was from this years Halloween! I gotta show you this!
This is my very good friend posing for me as.... i don't actually remember as who lol, but i remember whe had a good laughing while i did her makeup. I litterally glued her eyebrows with stick glue and then glued some tissue paper on them and put an enormous amount of make up on top. But it went awful and in this pic they are a little bit blured out. One of my biggest dreams is to become a stage make up artist, but as i look at this now, i don't think i will become one lol.

So another tag: 12 questions!
1.What shoe size are you?
I'm EU 37
2.Where do you work?
Nowhere now, i am a grad student. I used to work in a kindergarten as a summer job. And this summer i worked as a co-assistant for ceo of beauty salon chain. 
Not a piece of candy i must say.
3.Favorite piece of clothing you own
The blouse i "pimped" myself this weekend! It was just a basic grey turtle neck top, i added some ruffle to it. I love it now! :)


4.Your favorite blog?
I don't know! There are so many of them, and every single one is interesting and unique, but I am going to tag my most favourite bloggers and their blogs! :)
5.Do you have any pets?
No. Though i am a sucker for kitties. I used to have one, but all of my friends are allergic to death to cat hairs so i can't have another one :(
6.How many siblings do you have?
7.If you could live enywhere were would it be?
New York! Without a doubt!
8.What were you doing before this?
"This" being.... blogging? Erm... lots of stuff lol
9.Your favorite food?
My signature recipe of Spaghetti Bolognaise! :) Yum!
10.Do you have a middle name?
No. I wish i had one. But i have a "fake" name, which i sometimes give out to people i know i will never met again lol.
11.Your favorite websites?
First thing in the morning i go to read news across the globe, and in my country. So i think they are my favorite. But i also spend enormous amount of time on
12.Who do you tag?
Confessional thoughts of Onyae
Life,Style,Logan (p.s. she is having a giveaway too!)

So yeah, i hope this wasn't too boring, i just wanted to do a quick post, cause i don't have much time to do makeup-beauty related posts, cause i really have to dedicate to writing it and spent quite some time (my "everything has to be perfect" syndrome) and i am having my finals in two weeks, so sorry, i hope this was just fun to read... :)

Can't wait to read your answers and see your pictures! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Operation: Prom Dress. Part 1 - HELP!

This is my last year in high school. I kinda have mixed feelings about it but that's not the point...
The thing is i am having a senior prom after the finals (duh). I don't exactly know the correct date but it's supposed to be in the middle of july. I know... i still have like...2 months... No need to panic. But after chatting with some of my girlfirends from school i found out that most of them allready has their dresses! Yikes! I didn't even started looking. I have no idea what i want and what type of dress would look good on me. The weirdest thing is that i have ONLY ONE DRESS in my closet, and it is simple classic LBD. I don't really like wearing dresses, makes me feel too vulnerabale, since i am like an inch tall, at least when i am in pants i know i can kick someone if needed lol.
So i haven't gone to the stores to check out the dresses, but i did some research online. I wanted to figure out which actresses has simmilar body type as me, so i could check out what kind of dresses looks good on them.

So i am 163cm (5'3) my weight is 49kg(~110lbs) (it goes a pound up or down every week...)
 My measurements 90-63-90 (in cm) 35-25-35(in inches)

Celebrities with simmilar body types:
All of them has almost identical body measurments, weights and heights. But you can see how all of them are still a bit different. After a loooong consideration i decided that my body structure is most like this chicks, which name i don't even know.
(She's in the 2nd picture also)
 So, body type determined. I am so called "petite".
I googled it and found some online stores which sells VERY cute coctail(i don't want to go too fancy)dresses specialy for petites. 

But after looking at the dresses a few questions poped up - shall i go with the long dress or mini dress? Midi doesn't work for me, so it's out of question. Long dress can be very sexy and gorgeous (Like the one one of the Olsen twins is wearing in above picture) but mini dress is more convienient because it is going to be hot in the middle of summer, and it is more fun and comfortable.

Another thing - i saw few drop dead gorgeous dresses in online shop
Both gorgeous, though simple. It seems though that with a 2nd dress in case of stronger wind i could pull a Marillyn Monroe in "7 year itch"... lol
     This one is just GORGEOUS... It reminds me of one of Britney dresses back in the old days:
Though the one from the store doesn't look like ripped off curtain. It's more appropriate version. And i just loooove it.

And last but not least:

It is without a doubt one of the most sexiest dresses i ever saw.... The question is - is it too sexy for a prom? 

Another dillema - if i order a dress online.. what if it doesn't fit me right?? I probably won'te be able to return it or change it right? At least not in time... :( But the most beautiful dresses hides on the internet and not in the stores...

I know one thing for sure- i don't want to look like a lost bridesmaid on my senior prom. 
I want to look stylish and gorgeous. 

  So i am totaly lost and confused. And i would appreciate ANY tips and suggestions from you guys. What kind of dress? Long or short? Body hugging or loose "greek godess" style? Simple or fancier? Sexy or more modest?

Please spill everything you think! 


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheryl Cole inspired little lookie

I totaly went crazy about Cheryl Cole a while ago, i was listening to her songs over and over again. I don't really know why i like her. Her songs are typical catchy pop... I think it's her style i like the most. She was anounced best-dressing celebrity on The 8th annual Glamour Best Dressed Women List 2010 compiled from around 14,000 votes. I wouldn't call her THE BEST, but most of her outfits are really gorgeous.
She is my girl crush and inspiration for my style for sure :) Y2JZ9RKPATXP

So, i was getting ready to go out, opened my little box of falsies, and the first thing that caught my eye was Cheryl Cole lashes from Alure.
 I bought them a while ago, and i totaly forgot about them, and that week they were perfect, cause it was C.Cole's week for me anyway lol. So i surfed the web for a while looking at C.Cole pics, and trying to figure out what make up to wear with these lashes.

I always wanted to try her signature bright red lips and full black thick lashes, or in the other words Femme Fatale look. And it was perfect timing, cause i was pale (very pale...) and royal looking lol. So i pulled out my MAC Russian Red lipstick, black L'oreal liquid liner, black carbon MAC eyeshadow and Nars Orgasm blush.

So, here's my inspiration - Cheryl Cole look from her single "Parachute" cover and some random simmilar look pic i found:

Here's what i achieved:

I basically did nothing lol, lined my eyes with liquid liner, made a little wings on the outer corners of the lids, secured the liner with black eyeshadow, put on falsies, and MAC Russian Red lipstick with some clear gloss on the middle of my lower lip :)
E voila!
Oh, and my eyes are not brown they are blueish/greenish/greyish, these are coloured contacts :)
I recently got into temptation of buying them, even though my vision is fine... It is just fun how you can change your looks in 2 minutes :) I never wore contacts before, but now i've tried green AND brown monthly colours. My friends totaly got me all worked up and worried about my "first time" with them, they said it'll  be hard to put it in, and that i don't even need them, but i handled it very well.... :)
Got used to them immediatly...

These lashes are very dramatic, def. not for day looks, perfect for clubbing, or.. drag queens lol... But i like them for going out alot. I actualy only wore them once, but i'm looking forward to wear them again, for some special occasion, when i need sexy touch on my eyes, cause my experience with these bad boys with true real life boys on the club were spectacular lol.

Have any of you tried other lashes form Girls Aloud for Alure collection? How did you liked it?
And also, tell me if you ever tried coloured contacts and hows your experience with them was :)

P.S. Enter great giveaway:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Comming Soon!

Cocos And Vanilla currently is under construction.
Please check back soon for a big giweavay including a Hot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver and a goodie bag for me personally for my lovely followers :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Applying foundation. How to do it like a pro?

Applying  Foundation is the most essential step in makeup, the problem with it though is that we make common mistakes while doing so. Sometimes it looks "cakey" and sometimes accentuates the flaws we were trying to cover.
We need to learn how to apply and set it correctly. There are lots of different ways of aplying foundation to your face. I'll try to talk about all of them, from my own experience, and a little bit research online (so that it wouldn't be just my single oppinion)
  • The most popular way of applying foundation is fingers.
    You don't have to buy any tools for this method, and it's fast. The coverage is allright, all of us used to put foundation on like this one time or another, before we learned about alternative methods, right? Some famous make up artists does it and it is good for them. It's good enough.... But once you get to use some different method, you won't probaly be going back to applying it with your fingers. There definetly are better ways to apply make up. 
Pros: Cheap, fast, doesn't require much experience or work, good enough for liquid mousse and cream-to-powder foundation types.
Cons: Not the most hygienic method, uneven coverage, hard to blend, can look streaky.
  • Sponge.
    It is great to give you a light, sheer layer of foundation. It makes the foundation easy to blend, a necessity for foundation and keeps your fingers clean too!
Pros: Cheap, very hygienic (if used right), easy to use, gives good even coverage without streaks. if you work it right. Good for liquid foundation.
Cons: Soaks up ALOT of foundation, so it's a waste of product. You will need to clean your sponge after every use (or buy a bag full of inexpensive sponges at a department store and trash them after every use, so it is not very friendly to enviroment)
  •  Clasic foundation brush. E.g. MAC 190.
    The use of a brush allows you to feather out foundation and placing it heavier where you need it and lighter where you do not. The foundation looks amazing when using a brush, I can't really explain why, it just does. Use a foundation brush for a couple of days and it will be hard to go back to what you were using before. The one problem, you have to clean it every time you use it or you will ruin the brush.
Pros: Gives close to perfect coverage, even, poreless, airbrushed look.
Cons: Soaks up foundation, can streak, the feeling of painting your face can be weird...
  • Duo Fibre brush. E.g. MAC 187.
    It is without a doubt THE BEST brush and method of puting on foundation so far. Dab foundation on flat surface (preferably not on your wrist) and dab the brush in it. Lightly. Then gently stipple it around your face till you get even coverage. Don't use it as the MAC 190, it is a reason why this is being called A STIPPLER. The main concept of this brush is that is the best alternative for airbrushing. It is the same method in particular, cause when you stipple it on your face, it leaves you with tons of little tiny pixelized dots, that's what airbrush tools do. "Dab stipple stipple stipple swirl" Let that be your make up mantra lol. The part which you dab into foundation is made from synthetic bristles, so none of the foundation will soak up in them.
Pros: Gives amazing, airbrushed, PERFECT look. You end up using less foundation and won't be risking layering on too much, unless you do the "dab stipple stipple stipple swirl" motion for an hour. A little amount of foundation goes a loooong way with this brush. I couldn't think of any kinds of foundation that you can't use with this brush. It is the best brush for acne prone ar scared skin.
Cons: Can be pricey (MAC one costs 42 bucks), but there are some great dupes for it, once you get to know how to use them right, e.g. E.L.F brushes...  or Coastal Scents Black Stipler Brush is good alternative for around 8 bucks, but it sheds. The solution to this is - you brush the brush with your hair brush (lol) every now and then and it won't shed on your face.

What else...?
  • You can even use your blush brush and it works good too.
  • If you are using sponge, make sure to buy latex free, cause some poeple are allergic to it.
  • Allways remember to SET YOUR FOUNDATION. You can do this with either loose, mineral or pressed powder. Setting foundation assures you, that it 'll stay much longer and your skin won't look oily.
  • Though good brushes can be pricey, don't be affraid to invest in them. Dupes are usually pretty good, but good brush will last you AGES if you take care of it it'll give you the best results. While risking on buying cheaper dupe can be dissapointment and money down the drain.
  • Also good brush can be used in more than one purpose. E.g. duo fibre brush is great for heavilly pigmented blushes, mineral face products etc...Lots of people find their own alternative ways of using the brushes, so don't be afraid to try whatever comes to your mind.
  • Every method is actually good, just remeber that it is YOU however, who puts on foundation, not a tool, so to achieve the best results know how to use different brushes right and spend enought time doing so...
And in no time, you'll be a pro :)

I hope this was interesting and useful. :)

What is your way of puting on your foundation?Maybe you have any questions? Leave a comment below and we can chat about it :)

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    I love my boyfriend...'s clothes!

    Remeber the times, when there was frowned upon for women to wear pants? 
    Well... you probobly can't be remembering that... 
    Well... anyway... the times has changed! Radically
    Now women are not only wearing pants, which were originally fashioned for men, but they have the guts to steal their man's garderobe and wear it as their own. Especially in the past year this huge new trend has overcome all the stylish girls. "Boyfriend... something".
    But what is ‘"a boyfriend"? (yes it’s someone you kiss and hang around with, but we’re talking about fashion, not linguistics!) Something "boyfriend" is a piece of clothing you borrow from your guy and which consequently is a bit too large (ideally, unless your boyfriend weights 70 pounds and is 4 feet tall.) Of course all the brand names got hold of the trend and decided to create "boyfriend" for girls (a bit more tigh-fitting), the most famous ‘"boyfriend" are the boyfriend jeans, which can thank the stars for this success.
    So let's get more into detail about what can you possibly wear from your guys closet and look "uber stylish"?
    • His suit jacket. Throw it on over a cute dress, roll up the sleeves, and you’re ready for the night out!

    • His button-up shirt. There is nothing cuter than a girl hanging out at home all buttoned up in her guy’s shirt. Going out? Wear it as a top by adding a cute belt and some leggings!

      First brave lady who wore her man's $40 Gap dress shirt with a Vera Wang skirt to an Academy Award show was Sharon Stone, back in 1998!

    • His accessories. Grab his watch and wear it as a chunky bracelet!
    • His favorite t-shirt. The one he wears the most will probably be super soft and worn in. Just make sure you give it back! Unless it looks better on you, than
    • His jeans. Think boyfriend cut - a little loose on you, sitting low on the hips. (Borrow his belt if you need to). Roll up the cuffs and add a pair of heels to girl them up!

      This trend was kick-started by Victoria Beckham, who may have influenced her buddy Katie Holmes, then Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum and Amanda Peet all got in on the act.
      Seems like we have a full blown trend on our hands here.
    What do you love to borrow from your man?