Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheap eyeshadows? Sure, why not!

Last friday I did my friends make-up for some party she was going to. She almost never uses make up. Even mascara! She's one of those lucky gals who looks good without it. I hate her for that.
So, she asked me if i do her make up, cause she's not good at it. She was very surprised when she saw herself in the mirror (i wouldn't let her watch while i was doing her, cause i didn't want to jinx the special extreme makeover "OH MY GOD! I'M SO PRETTY" moment).
So here's the final result:

All the shadows used are just simple drugstore brands. And one shadow is from Avon. 

The violet-pinkish color in the crease is from Artdeco shadows - No95. My friend got it for me to try and I didn't really like it. It's too dusty.So when you tap it off the brush everything falls down :/ But when you finaly manage to pick up some of it - the color is well pigmented and blends out really well. So... i have mixed feelings about this one lol.
The grey which is used on the lid is avon color trend duo eyshadow in color Snow Storm. I can tell I am a little surprised by this shadow. As you can see i've been using alot of it. As an eyshadow which is as cheap as this one - it works well. The pigmentation is not so good(it doesn't come off on the lid as it looks in the pot as you can see), but it's definetly usable. I like to use the white(it's actually not white it's alittle darker than white) as a highlight. It's not so bright as tidy white -it's perfect for it.

Aaaaand  to brighten all the look i added just a tad of essence duo eyshadow in Newcomer. I used the black on the outer corners and blent it out. And blent it... and blent it...
All black colors are just a pain in the...
I just don't know how to use them lol. And i used the tidy white for the highlight... As you can see - i was tired from blending in the black, so i didn't blend the highlight well....Oh well....

So using basicaly just 3 colors you can pull of something like this:
Not THAT bad :)


  1. That look is really lovely :) And I'm also jealous of her for not needing make up to look good :P

  2. Thanks, dear :)Good to know i'm not the only one feeling jealous :D

  3. Love this look. Basically anything with purples and I'm sold. lol

  4. Thanks, Emily :) I'm totally the same way... :D

  5. I know what u mean to not to show them the make up before it's ready :)
    Nice colors!


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