Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simple step for glowy skin

So friday i was at this huge party with seniors from  my school. It started at 6 p.m. and I came home at around 7 a.m. Yeah... thats what I like to call a good party. Whole time we spent indoors, filled with smell of smoke(well... what do you expect from a hundred 19 year-olds?), alcohol and lots of dancing and fooling around. I came home and went to sleep immediatly. Next morning...well day to be honest... i woke up feeling gross...You know that feeling, when you can smell smoke in your hair, on your pillow in your clothes from last night...ugh....  I took a shower, and even treated myself with hot bath... but my face skin was feeling weird. Black under eyes, blotchy skin, dull, grey-ish and tired... I talked to my mom complaining about that and she said she used to do this routine for a week after big parties: 
  • Fill a glass of boiled cooled water and place it in a freezer. You can do this right after the party, or before the party in the evening.
  • Take the glass out before you go to sleep and place it on your night stand. Let the ice melt
  • Drink the glass of melted water first thing in the morning. Before eating.
You can actually do this routine every single morning. You will start to notice, that your skin is more glowy, healthy-looking and even cleaner. Or you can do this for a while after a huge party. Alcohol causes dehydration, so glass of water in the morning is a must-do, but melted ice water is special. I didn't found any info on the internet about what's so special about it, but i actually remember reading somewhere in the magazine that it's better then just simple water. Oh well.... you just gonnna have to take my word for it :)

If you have to go out somewhere next day after the party there's a few things you can use to disguise your hungoverish looks:
  • To freshen up skin make sure you use a good moisturizer, preferably with SPF in it. I like to use L'oreal's Happy Derm. It's fresh and cooling, has nice consistency(a creamy gel), and leaves skin glowing.
  •  Also, Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener - amazing product to ged rid of those bruise-like dark circles. Or actually bruises if you really got into a fight lol.
  • To get rid of greyish face color use sheer tinted moisturizer. It will give you fresher look. E.g. Benefit cosmetics High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer.
  • The best trick for tired eyes that gives out the lack of sleep is just to put some light sheer eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes. It makes you look like you had 5 extra hours of sleep.
Do you have any special tips or tricks to treat the morning-after skin? Please share them, while i'll be sleeping cause my head is still hurting and my muscles are still sore form dancing all night long... :(


  1. Thanks for the tip!!!Soo cool I 'll try it!!!

  2. fresh air usually helps my skin a lot, it gives me a healthy looking blush ;)

  3. I'll try this :) though I dont party much, would be good for the skin. To look more awake white eyeliner on waterline and bronzer/blusher always helps!

  4. @lovelyviolet5, ♥Catriona-GoldielocksBeauty♥ and SkinALicious - Thank you girls, for stopping by, give me some feedback about how it worked 4 you if you can, or post it on your blogs cause i so want to read it :)

    @Beauty Vibes - fresh air is allways good, especially if it's not too cold. Though cold weather indeed gives you extra blush :D

    @Maryann.A - I don't party much either, but you don't need to have tired skin to try this. I'm doing it just so i can get my skin to look normal, you can do it to make your skin look radiant :) Thanks for sharing ;)

  5. "amazing product to ged rid of those bruise-like dark circles. Or actually bruises if you really got into a fight" LOL! :P

    I really hate having my hair smell of cigarette smoke too ewww! Thanks for the useful post xoxo

  6. Best medicine, glass of water and two aspirin BEFORE you go to bed. You will be preventing the damage before it happens. Also, make sure to have plenty of water in the morning. For tired or grey looking skin use a luminizer.


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