Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Color 101 (part 3)

Part2 (updated)

Let's continue without further ado :)

1. Light Summer
  • Eyes: Blue, gray, green.
  • Hair: Light/medium ash blonde, light/medium ash brown
  • Skin: Pale beige, porcelain, ivory or pink beige (everything pink-tonned)
2. Pure Summer:

  • Eyes: Gray-blue, soft turqoise, hazel.
  • Hair: Light/medium ash brown, may have blond in it.
  • Skin: Light/medium neutral beige, ivory.
 3. Cool Summer:
  • Eyes: Gray, blue.
  • Hair: Medium/rich ash brown, little to no red tones.
  • Skin: Ivory, pink beige, gray beige, neutral beige.

The basic tone of summer types – blue.
The summer tone type gets the tan well (the exception is the extremely light summer skin variants). The skin tint becomes noble, cool olive. Never obtains a red subtone. Moles and freckles (if there are any) always have grey or ash gray hue (no gold or reed-brown tint). Cold pink lips.
Tip for Summers - avoid too dark or black colors when dyeing hair otherwise there will be a rough contrast between your hair and skin tone.

P.S. It was hard as hell to find the right celebrity cause they all wear colored lenses, and have dyed hair, so it may not be as matching to the type as it supposed to, so you should refer to your own specifics more than the pic of celebrity :)

                                                   To be continued...


  1. I guess Im "Cool Summer" :)
    Thanks for this Vaida!

  2. @Kasia - I analyzed your pics, and i'm thinking you are more Pure Summer, or if you are naturally red even Autumn :)But you know yourself better lol

  3. What a cool post :p I must be Light summer

  4. Maybe you're right about pure summer, I don't know lol I'm not good in those. Thank you for help though :)

  5. I think that I'm light summer, although not really sure ^^'

    And I love how you added those colours, I can already imagine a few looks using them :)


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