Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Color 101 (part 4)

Part 1 - Basic Colour Theory
Part 2 - Colour Analysis. Spring
Part 3 - Summer

Today is the day for Autumns
Just in time for St. Patrick's day - redheads :)

1. Deep Autumn
  • Eyes: dark brown, dark hazel, black, dark green.
  • Hair: Medium brown/- medium/deep auburn, dark brown, deep chestnunt, black.
  • Skin: Warm beige, neutral beige, golden brown, dark brown, olive.
 2. Soft Autumn
  • Eyes: light brown, soft hazel, blue or gray green.
  • Hair: Golden blonde/medium brown/mousy brown. Posibly with blonde or red highlights.
  • Skin: Ivory, neutral beige, warm beige, golden brown.

3. Warm Autumn

  • Eyes: brown, olive green, hazel or topaz.
  • Hair: Medium golden brown, red, auburn, strawberry blonde, golden blonde.
  • Skin: Bronze, golden brown, golden beige, ivory, warm beige.

Autumn color type is characteristic by the red or yellow-brown freckles and moles. All women of this color type have bright lips, brown or reddish eyebrows. They are thick but light. Autumn type women get the tan not so well - the skin becomes red but doesn’t tan.

So... Do i have any redheaded readers? :))

                                                 To be continued...


  1. You do the best posts : ) I have strawberry blonde hair, so I guess I am a redhead and a blonde, depending on who you ask. I don't have these shades of red hair, but my skintone and eyecolor is that of a redhead. My hair has multiple personality disorder..haha xoxo!


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