Thursday, May 20, 2010

8th folder 8th picture & 12 questions TAG!!!

One of my most amazing fellow blogger friends - Irene from Lovely Violet tagged me to do this fun questionairre and find the 8th picture of the 8th folder of my photos folder! This is so much fun! So let's start.
I actullay don't keep ANY photos on my PC anymore, after having a few accidents, so i keep everything in CD's. So i found the 8th CD and 8th picture from it LOL. I wasn't happy that i had to put up picture from my most .. erm... teenage days...
Here i am circa 16 y.o. and at this time i was so full of myself and very mean girl to my peers. I didn't bully anyone or anything i was just... up in the sky and looking down on everyone. I see girls now like me then and i just roll my eyes and remeber how i was at this age. I mean look at my posture and amount of makeup lol. Yeah....Me and my BFF used to do "photoshoots" like this almost every week, so practically all my CD's are full of photos like this lol.
I am VERY happy that i understood how lame being mean was and grew out of it, and i can proudly say that i am a totally different person now! :)

So anyway, as this was the pic i was reluctant to put up, cause i was ashamed, i was considering to put up another one, from my another "drawing" of cd's and i picked the one with my "make up" tryings on my friends. Cause this was actually supposed to be a make up blog, but due of my lack of time i put like one post a month lol, so anyway the 8th picture was from this years Halloween! I gotta show you this!
This is my very good friend posing for me as.... i don't actually remember as who lol, but i remember whe had a good laughing while i did her makeup. I litterally glued her eyebrows with stick glue and then glued some tissue paper on them and put an enormous amount of make up on top. But it went awful and in this pic they are a little bit blured out. One of my biggest dreams is to become a stage make up artist, but as i look at this now, i don't think i will become one lol.

So another tag: 12 questions!
1.What shoe size are you?
I'm EU 37
2.Where do you work?
Nowhere now, i am a grad student. I used to work in a kindergarten as a summer job. And this summer i worked as a co-assistant for ceo of beauty salon chain. 
Not a piece of candy i must say.
3.Favorite piece of clothing you own
The blouse i "pimped" myself this weekend! It was just a basic grey turtle neck top, i added some ruffle to it. I love it now! :)


4.Your favorite blog?
I don't know! There are so many of them, and every single one is interesting and unique, but I am going to tag my most favourite bloggers and their blogs! :)
5.Do you have any pets?
No. Though i am a sucker for kitties. I used to have one, but all of my friends are allergic to death to cat hairs so i can't have another one :(
6.How many siblings do you have?
7.If you could live enywhere were would it be?
New York! Without a doubt!
8.What were you doing before this?
"This" being.... blogging? Erm... lots of stuff lol
9.Your favorite food?
My signature recipe of Spaghetti Bolognaise! :) Yum!
10.Do you have a middle name?
No. I wish i had one. But i have a "fake" name, which i sometimes give out to people i know i will never met again lol.
11.Your favorite websites?
First thing in the morning i go to read news across the globe, and in my country. So i think they are my favorite. But i also spend enormous amount of time on
12.Who do you tag?
Confessional thoughts of Onyae
Life,Style,Logan (p.s. she is having a giveaway too!)

So yeah, i hope this wasn't too boring, i just wanted to do a quick post, cause i don't have much time to do makeup-beauty related posts, cause i really have to dedicate to writing it and spent quite some time (my "everything has to be perfect" syndrome) and i am having my finals in two weeks, so sorry, i hope this was just fun to read... :)

Can't wait to read your answers and see your pictures! :)


  1. You're pretty good with fabric! I'm glad that you tagged me, I'm definitely going to post this soon :) Well if the picture is not too horrible :P

  2. This wasn't boring at all - I read it from the beginning to the end and I must admit that I loved it. I really enjoy reading tags! Now, I'm wondering what's your "fake" name ;) And I was the same kind of a teenager...ahh... Kind of glad that those days are gone.
    Thank you so much for not forgetting about me!


  3. You gorgeous girl, my goodness.
    I will have fun doing this post, thanks for tagging me =]
    I love your halloween pic so BALLSY haha tight girl tight

  4. LOve love love ur pic! and that blue top is gorgeous. Thanks for tagging me <3

  5. Thanks you guys! You are the best! :)

    @Kasia - My fake name is Emma :) It's so cute i love being an Emma sometimes lol

  6. Thanks for tagging me! I really love what you wrote about your first photo and how you're a different person now :) I never would have known that you were ever like're so sweet now!

  7. Thank you lovely, I will post it on my next post! Love your blog as well!

  8. What a cute name, Emma :) Great pick! I'd probably be Amelia as I love this name. haha
    I'm doing your tag right now!



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