Monday, August 29, 2011

The HOTTEST of them all - The Celine Boston Tote

Move OVER Hermès Birkin!  There's a new star on the block...Well to be actual... Hollywood starlet's shoulders... (let's admit, that they are actually the one's who dictates our fashion choices and popular trends... What...? I know, i know... hush.... okay, YOU are different.)



 Céline ''Boston'' Tote!

This tote has been a must since Pheobe Philo  presented it for her first Céline S/S 2010 collection followed by even more stunning versions for F/W 2010. The most trendy celebs sport this gorgeous bag for about a year now and it's getting more and more popular. It's everywhere! On the front rows of the fashion shows and on the streets and in the magazines and in the fashion blogs.... Ahhh... The exciting feeling of a new trend comming and smelling the ripp-offers starrting to higher their prices on ebay. And i must admit, wasn't very fond of it at first, but the more i look at it, the more beautiful and convienient it seems.

It comes in three different sizes. From mini to oversizie. I love over-sized bags, but it's often a pain to find something in mine, everything gets lost and therefore I carry lots of little cosmetic bags and folders to keep everything organized. But i don't think i'd have to with this Celine Boston. It's not smushy, like most oversizies and has zipped flaps.

I think i finally found my next bag! I am totally in love! Sorry LV Mahina XL.... we had a good run, but it's time for us to go to different directions... You - to my closet and me... I'll go with the flow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Penelope Cruz. June cover girl of Vogue.

I have a girl crush on this Spanish beauty. I always had. Ever since i saw her in 'Abre Los Ojos' when i was just a little girl i was amazed. I used to gaze at her, she is insanely gorgeous. Up till now, she is a fashion icon to me, a role model and generally someone i look up to. And this June she is a cover girl for VOGUE. For the 4th time!
Vogue, March 2001 Ain't this cover feels soooo 90's??

Vogue, December 2007 I remember this VOGUE, cause it was, i believe, 2nd real VOGUE magazine i held in my hands. 

Vogue, November 2009  ok, let's not give her the whole credit, but she stills takes up 25% of the cover! With her co-stars in movie NINE. I gotta admit, though, i haven't seen it... Shame on me.

And here it is! June 2011 issue of Vogue. Ms. Cruz here looks just plain gorgeous. Very natural and summery fresh. Perfect cover and editorial from VOGUE.

We see her wearing nothing but white Dolce & Gabbana pieces throughout her editorial, which showcases her outstanding figure making it hard to believe that she had a baby late last year.

Now, i know, that most of the real fashion critics complain that VOGUE is now too commercialized and me too actually miss the times, when the covers were.. covered with unknown, or known models, and not by actresses who has publicists to snatch them a cover deals, depending on the date their movie or album is being dropped and released, but.. It's still Vogue, it's still Anna Wintour.

And in this case it's not trashy Rihanna anymore who is on the cover, but beautiful and classy Penelope Cruz.

Let's see some of the classiest dresses of her's during her career:

79th Annual Academy Awards, 2007

L'Wren Scott 

Elegy premiere at the 58th Berlinale Film Festival, 2008

Carolina Herrera 
 London premiere of Volver, 2006


Broken Embraces premiere at Cannes Film Festival, 2009

Vintage Chanel 
New York premiere of Nine, 2009

Vintage Balmain 

81st Annual Academy Awards, 2009

Now tell me, was she a bad choice for VOGUE cover 4x?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's all be Little Mermaids! Part 2: Choosing the right shade of red for you.

Still sure you want red hair? Are you REALLY sure? 
OK then!!!
Congratulations with decision of joining the team of red hot Little Mermaids!

The right shade of red hair will perk up a lackluster complexion, brighten light eyes, warm up pale skin and add drama to your overall look. Redheads are the ones turningthe most heads this season: the color connotes a little bit of a bad girl streak and a willingness to stand out from the pack.  Paired with full, billowing waves, this look rates high on the foxy meter.
The problem is that  from strawberry blonde to auburn, crimson to copper, there are so many ravishing reds available that it's difficult to know which is right for you.

 Say you've finally spotted the perfect hair color on the poster of a model at your hair salon. You make an appointment with your hairdresser for that fabulous perfect color only to discover after the damage has been done, that perfect color isn't so perfect on you. What we don't realize is that the color of one's skin tone can affect that perfect hair color. Evenyour eye and natural hair color can also play a factor in determining which category you fall under and of course your best hair color.
There are two shade categories and they are cool and warm.


Men and women who fall in the cool shade category are often found with blue, gray-blue, hazel, or dark brown eyes followed by deep chocolate browns, blue-blacks, medium ash and golden browns, dark blondes, salt and pepper grays or white in hair coloring. Their skin tones are most often pale to pale with pink undertones, Medium with pink to medium with golden undertones, olive, bronze brown and dark brown in color. Usually when you have more than one of the mentioned colors then you will be a part of the cool category. For those with light skin tones and coloring, you will probably want to steer clear of any dark red hair color. If you already have naturally blond or light hair color, you could go for a gentle tint of strawberry blond for example. That way, the actual shade of the red matches your overall complexion as opposed to clashing with it. Other shades that usually match quite well with fairer skins are the brownish terra-cotta shades, as well as the light copper shades.
 This winter i tried out tonning the cherryness of my hair down to orangish auburn, just to match my milky whity complexion. I donn't think i received more compliments in my life.

Brunettes and dark blondes with light skin tones should still try to stick with lighter shades of red. Unless you are trying to make a statement, you would probably be better off avoiding the brilliant red shades, such as violet red for example. If you are not sure how well a specific red hair color would suit, one idea is to streak your hair with the dye or the cream. That will give you a good indication of how your natural hair will react with the dye and you will be able to see whether or not you like that particular color.
Of course, if you are having your hair dyed professionally, you should be able to get good advice from the hairdresser. But if you are dyeing your own hair at home, you do need to be extra careful to ensure that you make the correct choice.

Men and women who fall into the warm category can be found with warm golden brown, hazel with brown or blue green to green eyes followed by golden blondes, strawberry blondes, reds, dark browns with red or golden highlights and gray with a golden cast. Their skin tones are often pale with peach or golden undertones, women with freckled complexions and brown with pink or golden undertones in color.
If you have more than one color from above then you would fall into the warm category. You should stick with the medium range of red hair colors, such as red brown hair color for example. Auburn is another great choice of hair color, although try not to get too dark an auburn color, but a more medium auburn.
As far as which reds to avoid, probably you should stay away from the bright reds and violets, and also the bright copper and orange reds. As I suggested for those with fair coloring, if you are not sure what shade of red would best suit, try it out by highlighting your hair with the color you are thinking of using first. That will give you some indication of how well it suits.

For those with dark or olive skin, the choices are a little more exciting when it comes to choosing which shade of hair color red would look good on you. You can feel comfortable using the deep burgundy or violet red hair colors, as they will match your complexion very well. Unfortunately, the lighter strawberry blonds or light or bright auburns will not be very flattering for you.

Generally, the idea is to match the basic shade or tone of red with your skin tone and color. The darker the skin tone and complexion, the deeper red can be used.  If you really are not sure what shade of red you would like your hair to be, just take some time to look at different photos and pictures of women with red hair online. You should be able to determine their basic skin tone just by looking at the photos, and from there you can see which look or style you would like to emulate. If you are not familiar with the different shades of red color hair dye, you could always show someone at a hairdressing shop and ask them to recommend what hair dye would best match the look you are trying for.

I keep varying the redness in my hair depending on paleness of my complexion basically, but in time i found out which shades does not suit me at all, no matter how tan i am etc. So just do your research, consult with your hairdresser and be willing to experiment a bit. Or a lot! Have fun!

Next post in the series: Maintaining the Little Mermaid hair.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let's all be Little Mermaids! Part 1: Make sure you really want it

Red hair is now a hot new trend. But you must carefully consider how red do you want to be before dying or coloring your hair in reddish tones. There is alot to consider beforehand, and since I can call myself experienced in this area, i can give a few advices and examples. I want to start series of posts about choosing the right red hair tone, dying it at home, maintaining it and etc... Being red-hot chicka is amazing, but you need to make sure it is for you. I've seen girls ruining their hair, being unhappy and miserable because of the snap decision to go red. Let's not let this happen to you!

Anyone can wear some shade of red! The key is to learn which works best for you. So if you decided to go red - go and check out my post series where i explain which colours work on you, there's little theory and lots of examples with pictures, i am sure that in this case you'd find it helpful and may learn something new about basic colouring.

Find out if the red hair is for you:

  • Keep in mind, blue-red like aubergine or red-red like Rihanna's hair color doesn't exist in nature. It may look really hot, and people can wear those hues, and they can be very flattering... However, they will never look natural. All reds that are natural for people are red-orange tones. So if you want hair color that looks natural, go with a red-orange shade ranging from the palest golden strawberry or copper to the most intense red-orange.
  • If you are going to entrust your locks to proffesional hair colourist, discuss the tone through photos! Because people often have different ideas about what a copper, strawberry or auburn shade is. A photo ensures that you're speaking the same language. I once cried my eyes out because I had let my hair done by a so called proffesional, but instead of going out of salon fiery red, like I intended i had gone home with eggplant- looking hair!!!
  • Also, you need to consider both the level and the tone of the color. That applies whether you're talking about reds, blondes or brunettes. The level describes the lightness versus darkness of the color while the tone is what you're seeing reflected in the color.
  • Once you and your colorist are on the same page, you need to think about your entire image before proceeding. For example, wearing a certain shade might require a complete change in makeup. If you're willing to do that, go for it. Just consider the cost.
  • Finally, know that red hair color fades faster than other shades because the red color molecule is the largest, making it the most difficult for the hair shaft to hold on to. The key to long-term success is to use a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated to preserve red hair color from day one.The mistake many people make is to wait till the hair color starts to fade and then try to revive it. You'll be much happier if you maintain your new red from the first day you wear it home.
  •   No matter if you dye your hair at home, or at a salon, you will probobly look a bit darker than intended. And that is alright, cause red tones fade out insanley fast. The brighter - the faster. The dye will wash out in a few days, and by that time, the red hair colors will have faded a bit so you'll have the shade you originaly wanted.
Whether you choose naturally copper tresses or a fiery shade of dye, red hair is popular and desirable. With proper care to preserve the color and keep it looking vibrant, it is possible to maintain red locks with relative ease, giving that exotic and mysterious touch of red to any shade.  Now that you know you really want to go red, wait for the next post, in which i will show you different types of red hair and which one would suit you the best!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HOT trend: Little Mermaid Hair.

Ok, I don't want to take credit for inventing the red hair trend, but... I had it before it was this cool!
My hair was always reddish. I was blonde, black etc... but it always had some red hue in it. And now, after all the experiments with my hair, and huge collection of every possible red tone clip-in hair extensions, that i've heaped up in the past years, cause my hair colour was changing every month, i found perfect red tone for me and staying put with it. I love red hair. It is 100% me! I enjoy being the center of attention, and enjoy getting compliments on my hair.. and overall.... *ego explodes*

But in the last couple of weeks, i keep seing more and MORE women with red hair. It is officialy becoming a trend. They are everywhere, it is literally becoming the new blonde. Red hair is insanely flattering, when you find right shade for you.

Who started all this hype? I always blame Rihanna. Then there was rise of a few redheaded actresses such as Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher... Then red hair is laying an anchor by overmastering famously newly red headed starlet Blake Lively. And now Scarlett Johannson is joining our tem with coppery red tone.

It is official - it became a trend- Little Mermaid hair is officially in.
Why it is so nice to feel like Ariel, who mooneed over Prince Eric (which by the way is the most gorgeous prince in all the Disney). If you are a 20-something female and secretly like this trend -it was imprinted upon you at a young age.

next post - finding the right red hair tone for your colouring

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All hail McQueen! The dresses at Met gala last night

And so it went last night, at the fashion industry’s biggest red carpet event, the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala. The Met Gala is known for spawning some of the most unique and daring red carpet looks of the year, and last night's festivities proved that very notion once again. Last night's theme was Savage Beauty, honoring the late Alexander McQueen.

I have to admit i totaly forgot about this event, which is more famous for us, fashion lovers, than the Oscar's red carpet extravaganza. Celebrities go all out, there are lots of them (more than at the Oscars, not only the actresses and actors... actors don't actually really count, they always wear suits or tux's aka nothing interesting...). Met Gala invites them all: actors, singers, models, socialittes, TV stars.... every known name in the show bussines.

So how did all the celebrities honoured the fabuolous McQueen? It was pomp and circumstance, but in the most respectful way. And considering McQueen was one of the most dramatic designers of our time, there’s no doubt that some of these ladies honored his visions in the most fitting fashion.From dramatic, curve-hugging silhouettes to full-on fabulous, frothy ballgowns, signatures of the designer were everywhere.

So let's take a look at the best dressed last night, which are proud and cocky about all the positive reviews they are getting today:

 Daphne Guinness’s structured feathered Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. She topped off her look with tassel earrings and sky-high silver platforms. 

 Beyonce’s gold-sequined embroidered Pucci gown. The mermaid silhouette and cutout bust detail show off her enviable curves, while simple adornments in the form of drop earrings, a sleek bun, and nude lip gloss leave all the attention to the dress.

 Madonna’s simple teal Stella McCartney. She has often been one of the Met Gala's wildest dressed stars (remember the Marc Jacobs bunny ears?), but tonight her blue silk gown with its amazing starry train was pure classic glamour. She complemented the dress by going vintage with her hair and makeup, wearing classic red lipstick, soft curls, and plenty of big diamonds. 

 Diane Kruger’s long-sleeved Jason Wu gown  with flower-encrusted bodice revealed a sexy slit that cut the most elegant line on the German actress’s figure.

Fergie looking gorgeous, and somewhat bridal... in in a silvery, embellished Marchesa.
Isn't the dress stunning?? Though it looks for me like she's not quite pulling it off... She's a tad too tacky for me to be in a dress like this. 

One of the best's of last night - Miranda Kerr. Also in Marchesa. Gorgeous dress, but Kirkwood shoes?? I am not sure if they go with it.

  The Oscars disapointee Amy Adams wore L'Wren Scott. The dress and her braided hair definetely gave me chance to give her sense of style benefit of  doubt, she was looking way better  and though the dress choice was safe, overall it looked gorgeous. The focus was definitely on the dress, but eyes were drawn to her black bag, onyx earrings and dramatic eye amped up the appeal.

 Ciara chose a regal, gradient-hued Prabal Gurung gown. A simple stack of bronze bangles accentuated the dress. She wore her hair in long, loose waves. I love gowns like this.. it's Zoe Saldana's Oscar gown 2010 meets Hilary Swank's Oscar gown 2011! Equals - gorgeous!

Chloe Sevigny showed up and nunned up the place in a high-collared black lace McQueen gown. Without jewelry or heavy makeup, it's all about the lacy texture and slight peek-a-boo effect.

 Ashley Olsen didn't wear her own design to the Met Gala, instead opting for a piece of black and cream vintage Christian Dior couture with billowing sleeves and a huge slit up the side. To make the design a little more understated, she kept her hair in a simple updo and wore natural-looking makeup.

Rihanna in  black lace Stella McCartney. With a revealing side slit, one-shoulder, and peek-a-boo effect, the gown stays true to the singer's showstopping red-carpet style. Plus the added drama of her red locks, side-swept into a long braid, while a rich plum lip color and emerald drop earrings act as accents.
The dress looks gorgeous and seems like it was specialy mad to be posing on the MET stairs in the most posh way possible.

Christina Ricci went for the gothic romance look via webbed Zac Posen gown with an incredible train and strategic cutouts. She kept her hair pulled back and accessorized with pendant earrings, but the star was clearly the dress, which looked like it came straight out of a Tim Burton movie.

 Ginnifer Goodwin in a low necklined, twisted, and cutout-at-the-waist kelly green dress. For some equally vibrant touches, Ginnifer accentuates her style with an intense application of turquoise shadow. A matching beaded and tassled necklace, along with navy and aqua heels. It looks like this is the look that Amy Adams wanted yo pull of at the Oscars (yes, i will be talking about it for a while... she really looked bad there), but couldn't, so Ginnifer really showed her how it should be done.

Look at her! Taylor Swift embraced the occasion opting for a gorgeous nude and black lace J. Mendel couture gown. Soft, hand-frayed organza layers feel overtly feminine, but she keeps the rest much more minimal. With hair swept off the face, she reveals just a dramatic red lip and a pair of delicate Lorraine Schwartz earrings for a look that's both romantic and striking. The Country girl is all grown up and ready to be a style icon!

Jessica Stam immediately calls to mind images of a pretty ballerina, walking the Met Gala red carpet in a gorgeous, petal-pink tulle gown. The full skirt reveals just a glimpse of her supermodel stems and a pair of strappy satin heels.One of the most gorgeous dress at the event!

Blake Lively looks gorgeous in a silver and buff Chanel gown with strategically placed appliques and a sweeping drape. Her dress pays homage to classical and renaissance style, though, Blake's famous newly red curls and glossy pink lipstick are both thoroughly modern. 

Jennifer Lopez bold Gucci gown let her toned torso show, while red lipstick picked up the rich hues of her floral wrap. Simple but substantial diamond earrings, a pink snakeskin clutch, and golden rings completed the look.

Anna Wintour? She didn't wear McQueen as it was expected, instead she chose Chanel, and her jewelery doesn't really go with the dress... Dissapointed in her... Her hair is done in its infamous bob, and her makeup is kept pretty minimal, save for a bit of rosy pink gloss.

Freida Pinto in ivory silk Chanel gown is all kinds of Old Hollywood glam, complete with Veronica Lake hair and red lips, but then there's the quirky black tie and diamond-encrusted collar. She's even wearing a watch! This is one of the most gorgeous dress for me from the Gala!

Gisele Bundchen hit the red carpet in a stunning red Alexander McQueen gown. Notice how the strapless silhouette is lean on top and flows out into beautiful layered pleats down below. Loose wavy hair, natural makeup palette complete her knockout look. Are you loving it just as muchas i do?

Head Alexander McQueen designer (and royal wedding dressmaker) Sarah Burton looked angelic at the Met Gala. She complements a flowing white gown with soft, simple hair, pretty pink blush, and plenty of diamonds. It's a decadent look for sure, especially with the beautiful cream detailing on her empire waist, but do you think it's a fitting look for the fashion world's brightest new star?

Do you have ny opinions on Met Gala? Did you liked the dresses? What's your take on theme and how the starletts acknowleded it?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Doing your own bridal beauty when two billion people are watching is a brave move

I know, you are all probobly sick to hear about all the Royal Wedding stuff, you all probobly know, that Kate... a-hem! sorry... Catherin Middleton Duchess of Cambridge seemingly did her own makeup on the big day and all that jazz that all the mass media were reporting like crazy, but since i am a research freak, i did my best to get all the details on the look of the Royal bride.

It’s a brave move to decide to do your own bridal beauty, especially when there are two billion people scrutinising your every move. Watching everything filmed in HD, where it's possible to see every tiny mistake. This was not the time for experimenting. But she is very good at her own make-up, and she was reportidly taking lessons and consulting with a proffesional make up artist, refusing to hire her on a big day itself, cause according to ''insiders'' Kate wanted to have as little people around her in the important morning as possible.

The result? 

Yes, there was a touch more make-up than usual. Its important to define your features enough that they can be seen from afar, not to mention look lovely in photos. But you don't want to wear so much makeup that your groom doesn't recognize you. Many wouldn’t have expected a heavy hand on such an important day. Kate, after all, is a sporty, outdoorsy girl who radiates health and happiness from within. But she got the look she wanted. She felt confident and comfortable.

Her eye make-up, in particular, was slightly stronger than she usually wears, with a grey taupe shadow in the socket and her favourite black eyeliner under and above the eye. Her long lashes looked fuller, but it looked like this was down to a couple of coats of mascara and not extensions or falsies. Kate reportedly stocked up with Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara last week  which can be layered for thicker, fuller lashes.
As for the eyeliner, we never see Kate without it. It has become her trademark  but thank goodness she softened it for the wedding and didn’t end up looking like Victoria Beckham, whose blacker-than-black smoky eyes made her look like a Posh panda.

Kate looked like she had a professional eyebrow shape a few days before the wedding. Her brows looked more defined, darker than usual and she probably used a fine pencil to draw in a little more shape.

Behold the power of an expertly sculpted arch! This is a zoom-in from my favorite shot of Kate and William, where they're looking at each other as they exit Westminster Abbey as newlyweds. See how, especially from the side view, Princess Catherine's neatly arched, tapered and penciled-in eyebrows frame her eyes and cheekbones, playing up these beautiful features even more? Also note the highlighter brushed beneath her arches to further shape her brows and bring light into the eye area.

Her skin was glowing. Possible thanks to the Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy facial she had a few days ago, but the natural radiance could be enhanced by a sheer base (such as the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation) which is one notch above a tinted moisturiser and perfect for even the most foundation-phobic.
Her blush was a proper bridal rose shade, looked more obvious than we’ve seen on her before, but was perfect for the cameras and will look great in the millions of pictures. Possible great choice for the exact look - Chanel’s Rose Temptation.

Kate’s skin had just enough gleam under the bright lights in Westminster Abbey, with no hint of shimmer or shine, and that’s probably down to a light dusting of the finest powder applied to the bits most prone to oiliness (forehead, nose and chin).
She kept licking her lips (perhaps the only sign of nerves), but her pink toned nude lipstick stayed put throughout. It was a good choice of lip colour and won’t date in pictures.

 Her nails had to be ready for all close-ups, it had to be perfect. Kate is really making her way into the family, it is reported, that all the manicure with deep tissue massage the day beofre the wedding was a special treat gift by Camila Parker-Bowls. Celebrity manicurist Marina Sandoval did Kate’s manicure the day before the wedding. She chose a natural looking short, beautifully shaped nails with a couple of coats of the palest pink. Essie already bragged their tushies off that it was Essie's Allure. Gorgeous shade, that i am ALREADY guilty of wearing... It is going to be a big bestseller now, without a doubt, stock up Essie! But let's not give them all the credit, the manicurist, admitted, that she created  Kate's manicure blending Bourjois polish in no 28 Rose Lounge with Allure. Though wearing only Allure would look almost the same.

Historically, most princesses have gotten married with their hair up in rather structured updos, so the fact that Kate Middleton chose to wear hers loosely curled and swept gracefully half-up (''demi chignon'') made a bit of a statement. Created by James Pryce of Richard Ward salon (he's cut Kate's hair for years now), this more airy and soft wedding hairstyle worked so beautifully with her crazy-romantic Alexander McQueen lace-sleeved gown and I love how the height up top gave her veil a little lift behind her tiara. Tiara was made by Cartier in 1936. It was originally bought by the Duke of York (King George VI) for his duchess wife (Queen Elizabeth) three weeks before he became king. The tiara was given to Princess Elizabeth (the present day queen) by her mother on her 18th birthday.

Do you like the tiara that Kate chose?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Off topic - We should stop teaching little girls this nonsense!!!

There's a kindergarten literally in my yard, i can hear and see everything that little kids do or say, whether i want it or not. They sometimes kinda make me mad, by taking children out to play at like 10a.m. when i am still in my deepest sleep phase and their playful yelling and chattering makes me wake up all grungy, but most of the time i love that i can see kids playing and having a great time.
What pisses me off is the adults - the kindergarten teachers.

I still cannot believe what i heard today! It was the exact phrase from the movie ''He's Just Not That Into You''. I thought this kind of nonsense stopped like ten years ago and women want little girls to grow up smarter than that.

So let me paint the picture for you:
I did not saw what happened prior that, but it's quite obvious that one little boy did something mean to this little girl who ran to her teacher all sad and chocked up. I believe he either pushed her, or said something mean to her.. anyways... So the girl goes to her teacher to get comforted, she gives her a hug, wipes down her tears and this is how the stupid teacher explains it to the girl :
''He probobly likes you, that's why he did that to you... ''

I wish i could explained that to the little girl - no one gets to touch you without your permission.  Boys who really like you will not be mean to you.  He pushed you down because he’s an asshole! If it happens again, I'd knock his block off.

Now i understand, that by saying so, the girl got comforted, even lifted up a bit and quickly forgot what happened. And it was the easiest way out for the teacher than actually involving to a conversation with the girl about why someone was mean to her. But this DOES form a long-term pattern in her head, especialy if it keeps happening and every single time some boy, who are in nature in general madcaps, does something MEAN to her she believes that she is beeing liked... it's not gonna lead to anything good.
It's proven scientifically now that childhood is the time when mental traumas and phobias and behavior in the future are being formed. So say we keep repeating a little gorgeous female that if a guy is mean - he is actually into you, she WILL go on and behave quiet and silent whenever someone beats her up. NOT GOOD!

A new lesson all the girls should be taught: Know your worth and say so!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eyelash extensions. Is it worth it?

The Accident
Yesterday i got a facebook message from one of my besties with a cry for help - I just pulled out most of my eyelashes on one eye! What am i supposed to do now??
Yes, the same question popped in my head too - HOW?? Well, she said.... ''I used dirty eyelash curler with leftover mascara residue on it it got stuck on my lashes and i somehow just pulled it and... my lashes went all out with it.'' Let this be a lesson to all of us! Always make sure your beauty utensils are as clean as possible. Otherwise instead of helping make you pretty, they will just do damage.
So what is there to do, when you get involved in some eyelash pulling accident, or just can't swagger about long-ass thick and beautiful eyelashes?

The Answer (?)
For a couple of years now there is such thing in the beauty world as eyelash extensions. Just like hair extensions they add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials are applied to individual eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look. This type of enhancement is not the same as department store strip lashes. Extensions come in various lengths, colors and thicknesses, and can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming. So basically this is just as good as your own lashes, just better looking.

How it is done?
The proffesional will apply one extension to one lash. The procedure to attach the extensions takes an average of one and a half to two hours for a full set of roughly 30-80 lashes per eye. During the procedure, you will lay with your eyes closed, will be asked to stay as still as possible cause the girl or a guy applying fibers will do so with really sharp tweezers. From what i've heard most of the times the clients just drift off to sleep and wake up to already beautiful self. 
Pros and cons and things to consider
That is actually one of the biggest reasons why one should consider eyelash extensions. Imagine how every single morning you wake up and look like you already have mascara on.
I know number of girls who went to salons and got this enhacement done. And yes, they all looked awesome... well most of them. E.g. my art teacher has more extravagant style, so she made her lashes unbelievably looooong. Like Bambi. Yes it looks unnatural. Despite what all the salons who does this says, it looks unnatural in most cases. Guys say they look creepy. You can't use your usual mascara, just the water based ones like Apple Water Lash Mascara- Water Based or Ango Eyelash Extension Coating Mascara - Black. Though while having these extensions mascara is not neccesary, lashes look black and thick enough without it. But it looks even more dramatic with it.

The biggest cons and why i don't like it
They don't last. They don't look this amazing forever. Thet may last from two weeks to two months, depending on the cycle of hair growth. On many cases, despite how professionaly it is done, they look like freshly applied for a week. After that they just tangle up and start to fall off. And to get them fixed costs alot of money. Aproximately half the price of the whole procedure. Which differs from 70 euros to... well alot if you want non fiber ones but mink ones. So if you decide not to get fixing done, you will walk around looking like you just accidentally pulled half of your lashes for real for like a good month. So it is pricy, requires taking extra good care of it with all the combing and stuff and takes alot of time to get fixings done each couple of weeks.

The real answer
I suggested my poor friend to just wait for it to grow out. While we discussed the eyelash extension procedure, it is just not worth it in my opinion. Basics - she bought a castor oil and will carefully apply it to the lashes before going to sleep ( before doing so you must find out if you are not allergic to it) in a month or so she will have her lashes again but thicker, longer and even more darker.
There are also so called eyelash enhancers novadays like Rapid Lash or simmilar.

Share if you have experienced eyelash extensions procedure and what are your opinions about it.
Maybe you have some other method to share how to enhance your natural lashes?