Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HOT trend: Little Mermaid Hair.

Ok, I don't want to take credit for inventing the red hair trend, but... I had it before it was this cool!
My hair was always reddish. I was blonde, black etc... but it always had some red hue in it. And now, after all the experiments with my hair, and huge collection of every possible red tone clip-in hair extensions, that i've heaped up in the past years, cause my hair colour was changing every month, i found perfect red tone for me and staying put with it. I love red hair. It is 100% me! I enjoy being the center of attention, and enjoy getting compliments on my hair.. and overall.... *ego explodes*

But in the last couple of weeks, i keep seing more and MORE women with red hair. It is officialy becoming a trend. They are everywhere, it is literally becoming the new blonde. Red hair is insanely flattering, when you find right shade for you.

Who started all this hype? I always blame Rihanna. Then there was rise of a few redheaded actresses such as Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, Isla Fisher... Then red hair is laying an anchor by overmastering famously newly red headed starlet Blake Lively. And now Scarlett Johannson is joining our tem with coppery red tone.

It is official - it became a trend- Little Mermaid hair is officially in.
Why it is so nice to feel like Ariel, who mooneed over Prince Eric (which by the way is the most gorgeous prince in all the Disney). If you are a 20-something female and secretly like this trend -it was imprinted upon you at a young age.

next post - finding the right red hair tone for your colouring

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  1. Me encanta tu blog!! muy original e interesante!! yo recien cree un nuevo blog, si quieres pasarte a lo mejor te guste!! Buen dia!!


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