Monday, May 16, 2011

Penelope Cruz. June cover girl of Vogue.

I have a girl crush on this Spanish beauty. I always had. Ever since i saw her in 'Abre Los Ojos' when i was just a little girl i was amazed. I used to gaze at her, she is insanely gorgeous. Up till now, she is a fashion icon to me, a role model and generally someone i look up to. And this June she is a cover girl for VOGUE. For the 4th time!
Vogue, March 2001 Ain't this cover feels soooo 90's??

Vogue, December 2007 I remember this VOGUE, cause it was, i believe, 2nd real VOGUE magazine i held in my hands. 

Vogue, November 2009  ok, let's not give her the whole credit, but she stills takes up 25% of the cover! With her co-stars in movie NINE. I gotta admit, though, i haven't seen it... Shame on me.

And here it is! June 2011 issue of Vogue. Ms. Cruz here looks just plain gorgeous. Very natural and summery fresh. Perfect cover and editorial from VOGUE.

We see her wearing nothing but white Dolce & Gabbana pieces throughout her editorial, which showcases her outstanding figure making it hard to believe that she had a baby late last year.

Now, i know, that most of the real fashion critics complain that VOGUE is now too commercialized and me too actually miss the times, when the covers were.. covered with unknown, or known models, and not by actresses who has publicists to snatch them a cover deals, depending on the date their movie or album is being dropped and released, but.. It's still Vogue, it's still Anna Wintour.

And in this case it's not trashy Rihanna anymore who is on the cover, but beautiful and classy Penelope Cruz.

Let's see some of the classiest dresses of her's during her career:

79th Annual Academy Awards, 2007

L'Wren Scott 

Elegy premiere at the 58th Berlinale Film Festival, 2008

Carolina Herrera 
 London premiere of Volver, 2006


Broken Embraces premiere at Cannes Film Festival, 2009

Vintage Chanel 
New York premiere of Nine, 2009

Vintage Balmain 

81st Annual Academy Awards, 2009

Now tell me, was she a bad choice for VOGUE cover 4x?


  1. i love penelope!! she has to be the sexiest woman alive! loveeeee xx

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