Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars '11 fashion. Are you f * # king kidding me??

  I was so excited to finally see how all the celebrity chickas dressed up this year for the biggest awards ceremony. I mean, Academy Awards fashion is always stunning in one way or another. It's amazing to see how movie stars, or just... stars goes all out to make sure that all the press the other morning has huge print of them in all their prime sparkling and shining in the most gorgeous outfits. So i was unable to watch the red carpet cause i reeealy needed to get some sleep for today, so as soon as i gotten home from college i checked all the outfits on VOGUE website. They have them all in HD and even with magnyfing glass option which works sooo good you can actually see EVERY tiny detail or even prominent thread. Click here to be redirected but come back to me so we can discuss the dresses. Unfortuantly i couldn't be more dissapointed in this year fashion choices of the starlets... What the hell happened? Is it just me or all the dresses really looked like ripped off curtains??

I had VERY high hopes in Natalie Portaman's dress, i mean, she was most likely to win one of the biggest Oscar nomination this year, and she knew it... I know, she is very pregnant now and everything, which makes it harder to get a stunning dress... But what she chose... was just BLAH.... and her earrings... She literally looked like she belongs on my window, protecting me from ''rapists snatchin yo people up''... Ok, the dress is Rodarte, it's fairly beautiful, and really looks good on her pregnant figure, but i was expecting a little bit more...  The dress she wore on this years Golden Globe's was way more impressive than this.
Overall score: Not bad, but could've done better.
But actually the more i look at this dress the more i like it... So... i don't know...

 Last year Oscar winner Sandra Bullock tried to pull off old Hollywood in Vera Wang
Let's compare THIS to how woman, who knew she is most likely to win an Oscar last year presented herself:
Is there a rule like, you can't look equally good two years in a row? Sandra looked ah-mazing last year in Marchesa! The lacy top of the dress and gorgeous figure hugging and  shimmery bottom. Everything perfect from her hair to the little clutch. This years red dress looks uncomfortable, doesn't go with her pale skin... i could go on for a while actually....Overall score: Bad.

Mila Kunis was one of my favourites this year. Her dress is really cute, looks good on her, and even though its material also resembles old curtain at close range, she was one of the best dressed in my opinion this year.

Rees Whiterspoon like Perez pointed out looks ''spiting image of one of the 1st Barbie dolls''. And really!
 She does resemble it! Anyways the dress is beautiful (Giorgio Armani PrivĂ©), simple, classy, nothing to add there. Overall score: Good!

Amy Adams. When her star shoot up, i thought she has a good fashion sense.. but she keeps disapointing me. Ok, her dress this year was kinda cute... all sparkley and stuff...(L'Wren Scott) and the Cartier diamonds rumored to be worth almost 1,500 000 $... But they REALLY DO NOT go with the dress! Neither colour, neither model...
Overall score: loose the diamonds, or get a V neck dress if you want to show off expensive ass jewellery...

Anne Hathaway. Now, HER dress tone was picked out perfectly, she always can pull off the pale skin and bright red .... (lip, dress etc...) She looked allright. Valentino rocks my socks, but I don't like the model of this particular dress too much. Though i have to admit that she actually looks good. Overall score: Good, but could've loooked younger in something more... flowy, but i guess it's just her style.

Nicole Kidman. I have ONE word for you. CURTAIN... But officially Dior Haute Couture...
Overall Score: Dress doesn't look good on her... And actually i don't think it would look good on anyone else. Bad.

Hilarry Swank's feathery dress immediatly reminded me of Zoe Saldana's last year oscar gown, no idea why, they are not much alike, maybe it's just the bottoms of the dresses look somewhat simmilar... Anyway... Not bad. But she gets lost in the colour. Hilary Swank looks gorgeous in lilac tones, why this greyish feathery mess??
 Overall score: NEXT!

Jennifer Lawrence. Simple and beutiful. I think i would go for that look myself. It's of course risk free look, but cause i would be afraid of critics like myself bashing the hell out of me even though they don't know a damn thing about fashion.... yeah... i'd also keep it simple. But you CAN'T say that she looks bad in this simple California girl style! Calvin Klein FTW!
You know, i feel that Amy Adam's jewellery would go better here then on her dress.
Over all score: may have added something to kick it up a notch... But good.

Scarlett Johansson... Another lacy curtain., But i actually liked it. No idea why. I guess the color looks good, the dress is falttering for her figure, but it's still a little bit funky somehow...
Overall score: Interestingly... gorgeous....

Jennifer Hudson. This is the example of well chosen colour, style, model and everything else...
Overall Score: erm... good... but erm... it has only one imperfection... Her boobs look a little bit too... squished... wheee...

Other starlets which kinda failed to impress me, or i didn't have anything to say about their dresses. Good or bad:
Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein
Cate Blanchet in Givenchy Haute Couture 
 Michelle Williams. Chanel.
Penelope Cruz <3
 in L'wrence Scott
Halle Berry in Marchesa.

So this is just my opinion about the Oscar fashion, if you don't agree with it or agree and want to share your opinion please do so in the comment section below :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding and modifying boots for skiny calved girls

I'm tiny. Well in some areas atleast. I have skinny wrists (that's why i basically can't wear my beloved bangles, unless they are sixed xs) and skinny calves. I look well proportioned and everything, but in these areas i do not qualify for standard sizings. I am not anorexic or anything, i am just... like that. Think Eva Longoria - petite. So, I have problems when it comes to buying boots.

Recently i've bought this gorgeous pair of boots, it fits perfectly except for the calf part. Right below then knee, you can see how they are loose. I would see some girls also having the same problem, but what you gonna do about it??
  • If you are brave enough to trust your boots to cobbler/shoemaker, you can do so, depending on what material the shoes are made of (leather, suede etc...)  he can take them in. But I would be very cautious about the qualification of the cobbler dude. There is a high possibility of ruining shoes if done wrong...
  • There are brands/shops that make custom fitted stuff, as well as boots. My favourite - They do loads of different calf sizes, you just measure and they make them to fit you. they are a little more expensive than your average high street boots but they are good quality, and they will actually fit so are likely to last you a good few years.
    • Stretchy Boots Stretch boots allow you ample room and cater to your leg size. If you have huge calves, however, these might be a little uncomfortable for you. Also, if you go with the elastic ones, beware of the cheap feeling ones. The elastic tends to wear out and then you’re back at square one! 
    • Lace-Up Boots Lace-up boots are like corsets for your legs. This is my personal favorite solution since it allows you to adjust the boot shaft every inch of the way and still have that sexy appeal.

    • Boots with Buckles Buckle boots are great for adjusting the boot shaft and still adding that little bit of embellishment. They are less combersome than the lace-up alternative and maybe look classier than the stretch boots. 

    • Ugg Boots or EMU Boots You can also go for a boot that is less form fitting like UGG boots and EMU boots. Plus, they have a lot of cushioning inside to help make the boot fit a little better.

       And the idea that has been eating me alive recently - why don't i just buy a pair of legwarmers or thicker overknee stockings?? It would fill up the gaps in
    the boot and look uber trendy!

    Any more suggestions tips or tricks?
    Or maybe opinions? Let's discuss it!

    Disclaimer: i did not received any money to promote any of the brands or websites in this post. It is just my personal experience and i wanted to share it with people who might have the same problem. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best beauty remedies form the nature - COFEE GROUNDS

Awhile ago i've read somewhere a big article about how to use leftover coffee grounds to figth cellulite and ever since then it was stuck in my head. You know, how coffe grounds are useful only for fortune tellers and for war with the orange peel skin on tushy. Boy was i wrong! It is amazing how much the mother nature can offer us - beauty product junkies. To get an amazing beauty remedy for anything you can possibly think of, you don't need to do much or pay more than a.. dollar/euro (this is how i imagine a cup of coffee costs.... lol) So i put together a list of ways of how to use almighty coffee grounds and tried them all, so let's see the results!

  • This is how my obssesion with coffee grounds started. I was visiting my grandmother for a few days and she noticed how i wash my hair almost OR every single day. I had to sit down with her and listen to a looooong moral about how it's unhealthy for the hair and yada yada yada... So -  ok -  i said, - they get oily really fast i CAN'T go around looking like my hair can be in an highway ad for a pancake house (i noticed a phenomenon - my 2nd day hair smells like pancakes LOL.... did i just shared to much...? it's not gross smell, it's just... not a fresh smell anymore and tends to.. smell like... pancakes... ANYWAY....) She suggested me to try this:
Save the coffee grounds from the coffe and let it dry. Once i see that i need to wash my hair use it INSTEAD of shampoo. Rub it in your scalp, like you would when usualy shampooing your hair. Place a shower cap on your head, and wait 20minutes. In the mean time you can do your usual shower routine... or sing and dance in front of the mirror. Whatever you want - go nuts! And rinse the coffee out after. Of course realy thoroughly. There will be kinda weird feeling... and smell on your hair. The hair won't be as amazingly clean and fresh compared to washed with shampoo,and will smell like coffee.... But it's just the 1st time. Ok, and the 2nd.... After that you'll get used to it, and the greatest part of this routine is you will need to wash your hair like once a week. It will handle the scalp oils really well. And the coffee smell is noticable only right after the shower, once i put my perfume on it's gone.  It also stimulates hair folicle and hair will be growing somewhat faster.
  • You can use coffee grounds as an exfoliator to your face. It's not to harsh, since the coffee grounds are tiny, but strong enough to rinse off the dead skin cells. So i mixed my simple everyday face cleanser with pinch of this little miracle and scrubbed my face. Afterwards sensation - SOFT! Hence it really works well. Pores looks less visible and my skin was all glowy. I'll try to use it every once a week, i really loved the results. It can save you hundreds of dollars since this simple product can practically replace several pricey sessions with your dermatologist.
  • Skip the day spa and mix coffee grounds with egg whites for an inexpensive skin-tightening facial mask.
  • And the most known way of using coffee grounds. Mix 1/4 cup warm, used coffee grounds and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. While standing over an old towel or newspaper, apply the mixture to your "problem areas". Next, wrap the areas with shrink wrap and leave on for several minutes. Unwind the wrap, brush loose grounds off your skin and then shower with warm water. For best results, it is recommended to repeat this procedure twice a week. A little weird to be sure, but as high priced cellulite creams have coffee in them, it just might work. 

Do you, my lovelie ladies know any other beauty or non-beauty ways to use COFEE GROUNDS?
Or can you count how many times in the article i used the phrase ''COFFEE GROUNDS''? LOL
Let's discuss the effect and efficiency of.... IT lol, in the comment section!