Who writes this blog?

Behind this blog, rattling her laptop's keyboard is a fun-loving sometimes redhead, sometimes brunnette girl who lives in a relatively big city in Europe, and has enormous passion for cats, everything beauty/fashion-related or smelling like Cocos or Vanilla.

Blog was started with the idea of becoming beauty related site, but while hopping through life, I found lots of different issues in my life other than which mascara is better that I wanted to share with you. Some of the posts are removed, they are no longor relevant, but at that particular time, my dear readers and friends, you helped me to open up and find my way with your lovely comments and e-mails.

Living with a roommate, who she can call her best friend, having lots of different friends, no boyfriend and happy about it, having admirerers and enjoying the little ego boosts they give.

Living with a loving boyfriend,who she loves with all her soul, still having friends, but now they are only the chosen ones and only those who survived everything with me and stuck with me no matter what. Not capable to stay too long in one place in her life. Running towards a new destination, in love with life, but having a difficulty choosing what part she wants to focus on most. In a state of unfocused energy, fertile with much potential, but undisciplined. Young enough to still use the phrase 'I am making mistakes so I can learn how to live'' and watch horror movies with her 12 y.o cousin, but grown up enough to go out in the night and play a little bit ''Jersey Shore'' from time to time.

I realise that every young person has a world o possibilities, just gotta find out what to do with it. I am still in the middle of that journey. :)